LVX Spring 2015 Collection

LVX Spring 2015 Collection

The LVX Spring 2015 Collection was announced during New York Fashion Week recently, and I’ve got swatches for you this afternoon.

This collection of six new shades includes a couple cremes and a few shimmery, glowy “must-have” colors (in my humble opinion.) For me the formula with the cremes wasn’t all that great. They required 2-3 coats and still weren’t completely even. The shimmers though applied like butter, and were just two coats. Love!

LVX Haze

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Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Review

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint is a product that was brought to my attention recently on Instagram.

I started seeing all these swatches of this gorgeous looking stuff and there were a couple shades I desperately wanted right away. These lip shades are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and paraben-free. They go on extremely saturated and creamy, and dry to a matte finish. The applicator is an angled sponge that works beautifully in distributing the color across the lips. They stay on the lips until you remove them with an oil-based remover, so yeah, they last a really long time!

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Swatches

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The Lipstick League: Week of 2.23.15


Question of the Week: What is the one part of your beauty routine that seems to get neglected most often?

My Answer: Putting on body lotion. I am pretty good at putting it on my calves/shins because I get itchy and dry there a lot, but the rest of my body rarely gets lotioned-up properly.

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

EauMG – takes a stroll down memory lane and finally reviews one of her favorite masculine fragrances. She can’t believe that this fragrance is celebrating a 20th birthday this year…oh, how time flies.

Glitter.Gloss.Garbage – Cinderelly! Cinderelly! Glitter.Gloss.Garbage swatched MAC Coupe D’Chic from the Cinderella collection, so check it out before the store launch!

Gouldylox Reviews – These palettes have not gotten much love and I’m not sure why. They are absolutely gorgeous to look at and to wear!

Love for Lacquer – Must have date night essentials? Love For Lacquer shares hers!

Nouveau Cheap – You know I love finding dupes for popular, expensive palettes. So did I strike (rose) gold with this one? Come find out.

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Friday Favorites: Lip Pencils

My Favorite Lip Pencils

It’s finally Friday again so I have my Friday Favorites for you again (previously just called “My Favorites”) and this time it’s my favorite current lip pencils. Was that enough “f’s” for you?

I’ve pretty much been partial to lip pencils since age 16 when I discovered my first bright red. I cannot remember the brand, but I know it was some super cheap pencil that I found at a drugstore. I wore that red constantly, despite the fact that it was super drying. I also vividly remember that I didn’t have a fat pencil sharpener at the time, so I would either use a knife or my fingernails to peel back the wood to expose more of the product. Oh yeah, I needed that red on my lips badly, haha!

Luckily now most brands have lip pencils out and they are much better than back in the 80’s. Oh, I also finally have a great sharpener for them (the Urban Decay one is my favorite.) ;)

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Liquid Palisade Review

Liquid Palisade

If you are following any number of Instagram nail accounts you have probably heard of Liquid Palisade by now. I actually heard about it maybe 4 years ago when it first came out (I believe.) Back then I tried it out but really didn’t like it so I never reviewed it. Now that it’s suddenly back on the scene and I have slightly more patience for nail art, I decided to try it out again.

Basically what this is is liquid latex. When you paint it on, it creates a barrier to keep cuticles clean, create a french manicure or create any kind of nail art. It comes in a tube with a very fine-point brush, which is easy-ish to use. You paint it on wet, then it dries and you just peel it off. Seems simple right? It’s not quite as simple as all that but it isn’t really that hard to use. It just takes some practice for nail art novices like myself.

Liquid Palisade-2

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