CommentLuv Issue

Hey there. I just wanted to post a little notice about the CommentLuv plugin on my site.

It’s been acting up for me for a couple months now, and I am trying to trouble-shoot it. Many people have emailed me because sometimes it adds someone else’s blog link to comments when that person doesn’t even have a blog. I have been removing these when people ask me to but the tech support people need me to leave some of them in going forward so they can try and figure this out.

Hopefully over the next week this will happen some more and I can get it resolved! So just know that if you see your blog post attached to someone else’s comment, they aren’t trying to take credit, it’s just an error that’s being worked on.

And while we are on the subject, I have noticed lately many people are leaving their actual blog links (not a link to a post) in my comments section. This is considered rude and self-promotional and I delete these comments. Many of these seem to be people from the UK or Australia where maybe the practice is acceptable. But please know that if you do it on my blog, your comments will be deleted.

Thanks for your patience!


Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer

Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer is a brand new product that includes ten specially designed primers that target and perfect all skin types, tones and textures.

Developed with the exclusive Equalizer Complex, the unique formulas triple the power of your foundation for smoother, more even, longer lasting make up. These advanced pro artistry primers are formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and firm, Vederine to help skin appear more even and Acti Tensor 3D helps to smooth the skin for longer-lasting makeup coverage.

So how the heck do you use these? Well they are meant to be mixed and matched and they’re divided into two skin-equalizing categories: Texture and Tone. Five of them (Mattifying, Smoothing, Hydrating, Nourishing, Redness Correcting) are designed to address texture-related issues, such as oil/shine, large pores and fine lines, dryness and redness, while the other five, known as the “radiance range”, (Pink, Blue, Yellow, Peach, Caramel) boost radiance in specific skin tones.

Make Up For Ever Skin Equalizer-2

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Beauty Regrets – What Are Yours?

Retro woman crying

We all have them – beauty regrets. Maybe it’s a horrible home dye-job. Maybe it’s plucking your eyebrows into microscopically thin lines. Maybe it’s wearing dark eyeshadow all the way up to your brow-bone. Maybe it’s wearing frosty pink Barbie lipstick. By the way, I have done all of these AND much more!

But the one thing I am regretting the most lately is the fact that I never wore sunscreen on my hands and neck. I was always so good about covering my face year-round with sunscreen. Ever since I was around 22 I have been very careful about that. But somehow I managed to forget about my neck and hands, and now I am seeing the results of that. Especially in my hands. In fact if they aren’t lotioned up 100% of the time I feel like they look like 85 year old hands! I am greatly exaggerating that of course, but I really do feel like my hands give away my age more than my face does.

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LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Dream Girl

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette Dream Girl

You know that as soon as I saw the limited edition LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Dream Girl I was totally getting it, didn’t you? Yep, I just can’t resist these!

First of all can we discuss how pretty the coral packaging is? It just screams SUMMER IS COMING and one cannot look away. And then the colors inside! Wow. There are neutrals, brights, mattes, and shimmers included. Cool-toned shades and warm-toned ones. Enough colors to make a wide variety of lighter, brighter or smokier looks.

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette Dream Girl-2

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Michael Kors Nail Lacquer Swatches

Michael Kors Nail Lacquer

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

Remember the other day I mentioned I had some more interesting shades of the Michael Kors Nail Lacquer line to show you? Well here you go!

Two of these are shades from the Glam Nail Lacquer Collection (Thrill and Rendezvous) and one is from the Sexy Summer Nail Collection (Fantasy).

Michael Kors Fantasy

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free