Zoya Island Fun for Summer 2015

Zoya Island Fun

Zoya Island Fun is the creamy side of the summer 2015 offerings from the always 5-free, cruelty-free brand.

Island Fun features six new cream shades sure to make you think of flowers, warmth, water and beautiful exotic islands. Sidenote: These summer collections are killing me. I need a vacation SO BADLY and am dying to just sit on a beach, swim and read for 10 days straight. Le sigh.

Zoya Nana

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Zoya Paradise Sun for Summer 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun

Zoya Paradise Sun for summer 2015 has arrived at VVHQ and she sure is a shimmery bunch of beauties!

Paradise Sun is one half of the new summer 2015 collection. The other half, Island Fun, will be coming tomorrow! Obviously this collection is all about summer and the great things that go alongside that such as: deep ocean waters, red hot days, pink sunsets and tropical flowers. These all have a metallic shimmery finish meant to look like sunshine on sparkling water. I approve!

Zoya Genesis

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Lids by Design Medical Grade Eyelift Tape

Contours Rx Lids By Design

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I cannot stand my upper eyelids because they are hooded and saggy, and they’ve gotten worse with age. In fact I wrote a whole post about how much this bothers me. That post was quite popular because A LOT of people have this issue. So that’s why I was really excited when I heard about Lids by Design Medical Grade Eyelift Tape.

I knew about the various tapes for Asian eyes, and years ago watched some YouTube videos about them, but for some reason I didn’t really connect that I too could try them out to see if it helped me. I contacted the company and they said they would send me some samples of both their 3mm and 4mm ones. Here’s some info about them:

  • They are a hypoallergenic, latex-free product (but do not use if you have an acrylic allergy)
  • They are listed as “medical grade” and have a transparent “PE” adhesive that is breathable and leaves no residue on your skin
  • They come in both a 3mm and 4mm width which you can also use together for the most lift
  • You can trim them to your exact specifications if necessary
  • They come in a little box with a plastic tweezers to help with application

Contours Rx Lids By Design-2

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L’Occitane Immortelle Precious for Spring 2015

LOccitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover, BB Cream

Happy Monday morning peeps! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Today I’ve got some of the new L’Occitane Immortelle Precious goodies for spring 2015. The new items include Precious Mist ($16), Oil Make-up Remover Cleanser ($28), Intense Cleansing Foam ($30) and three new Precious BB Creams ($45). The ones I was most interested in were the Oil Make-up Remover Cleanser (because I love these types of cleansers!) and the BB Creams.

LOccitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover

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The Lipstick League Week of: 5.11.15


Question of the Week: What’s your current favorite nail trend?
My Answer: I don’t really follow trends much but I like the different French manis I’ve been seeing, like a pale pink nail with bright blue or black tip.

The Lipstick League Links of the Week:

Beautygeeks – Christie Brinkley’s new skincare line highlights a relatively new premature-aging concern: infrared radiation (IR). Here’s what it is and how to defend yourself against it — plus Beautygeeks is giving away a Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare duo to two lucky readers, one in Canada and one in the USA!

Clumps of Mascara – is sharing a few Spring beauty tips that you may find useful…even though Spring is almost over.

EauMG – reviews a new natural perfume that reminds her of a Costa Rican getaway.

Gouldylox Reviews – It’s almost summer and it’s time to relax and revamp your routine. So what do you need right now? Makeup Wars has the best of the new products you can’t live without!

My Beauty Bunny – Is your skin feeling a little dull or out of whack lately? Give it a boost this spring with the powerful (but gentle on the skin) Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask!

My Newest Addiction – Laura shows us a tutorial for her favorite wedding hair for inverted bob lovers!

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