piCture pOlish Winter 2015

piCture pOlish Winter 2015

piCture pOlish Winter 2015 is here!

Ok actually I have no idea if this is considered Fall 2014, Holiday 2014, Winter 2015 or what. They don’t name their collections, and they come out with quite a lot, so it’s always confusing to know what to title my blog posts. Because it’s winter and it’s now 2015 when I am reviewing these (even though they came out at the end of 2014) I am calling it Winter 2015. So there.

ANYWAY, I have four of the newest shades that came out – there are a few more you can check out on their site. Most of these are blogger collaboration shades, and I also have Holiday, which is a limited edition “special” shade that was made to celebrate 2014.

piCture pOlish Hercynia

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GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection Swatches & Review

GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection

GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection consists of five amazing multichromatic flakie polish shades. You will want to check these out, trust me.

This is my first time using the brand and so far I am loving everything! This collection was inspired by magical mythical creatures. Each one of these has color-shifting properties and major, major flakie loveliness. You can use them on their own and after 2-3 coats they are opaque. Or you could layer them for a different result. For these swatches I used two coats layered over 1 coat of black. They are smooth, buttery and perfect.

Also can I just say the bottles are adorable? I love the design on the front and the bows on the back. So cute!

GlitterDaze The Mythical Collection-2

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Bloglovin Problems



Just a quick note that my Bloglovin account seems to be having problems this week. I have emailed them a couple times and tweeted them for help but no one has helped me yet. I am aware of it though and hopefully they will help me soon. Thanks for your patience!



Contrary Polish Winter Weather for Winter 2015

Contrary Polish Wintery Weather

Contrary Polish Winter Weather for winter 2015 is coming out tomorrow!

Obviously this 3-piece collection is inspired by the cold winter temperatures this time of year. Oh wait. It’s actually 65 degrees and sunny with blue skies as I write this. What cold temperatures? Yeah we are having a bit of a freaky warm-up here in the Bay Area, but it’s supposed to get colder again soon. If it were up to me, it would never get below 70 degrees! ;)

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Ellison’s Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer Swatches

Ellisons Organics

Ellison’s Organics 3-Free Nail Lacquer is an indie brand that started selling bath, body and nail products in 2012. I recently had the chance to try out some of their nail shades and am very impressed!

Currently there are about 50 nail lacquer shades and the four I have today are all vegan, 3-Free, cruelty-free and made in the USA.

Three of these that I have are from their special Dr. Who collection and one other is a random shade. One of them called Bigger on the Inside made an appearance at NYFW in a celebrity gift lounge to much success. Cool!

Ellison's Organics All of Time and Space

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