Origins KissZing Review

Origins KissZing

Origins KissZing is a new fat crayon for lips and it comes in six shades.

Inside the formula you shall find meadowfoam seed, jojoba oils, mango seed and shea butters, all which help lips stay hydrated and help these glide onto lips smoothly. They have a twist-up feature so you never need to sharpen them. The shades are Begonia Blush, Peach Peck, Rosemance, Coral Crush, Pink Charming and Peonies in a Pod. You won’t find tons and tons of pigmentation with these, they have a softer appearance but definitely still show up.

Origins KissZing Pink Charming, Begonia Blush

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Is It Cruelty Free or Not?

Paw Prints

Happy Monday morning everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

As most of you know I try and always put on my blog posts if a brand is cruelty free or not. Lately this is becoming harder and harder to keep up with because companies keep changing and I don’t have time to keep investigating. Many companies are now selling in China and other countries where animal testing is required by law, and I am not always up-to-date on what’s going on. Also people have different definitions of cruelty free. Some believe if a company (say OPI) is owned by a non-cruelty free company (say Coty) that means they aren’t cruelty free. Whereas others are ok with OPI being owned by Coty as long as they remain cruelty free themselves.

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Friday Question!

Bottles with spilled nail polish over white background

Hey guys, happy Friday!

So yet again I failed at doing a Friday Favorites because I have been really busy this week. But never fear, I have a fun question for you instead. :)

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Pacifica The Power of Love Collection

Pacifica The Power of Love Collection

Pacifica The Power of Love Collection is part of the new Target Made to Matter Collection.

Made to Matter Handpicked by Target” is a product collection of leading natural, organic and sustainable brands. You can read more about it here. This collection is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and contains natural, sustainable ingredients like coconut, vitamin E, natural mineral and plant colors and the packaging is made of recyclable materials.

Pacifica Coco Pure Makeup Removing Wipes

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CommentLuv Issue

Hey there. I just wanted to post a little notice about the CommentLuv plugin on my site.

It’s been acting up for me for a couple months now, and I am trying to trouble-shoot it. Many people have emailed me because sometimes it adds someone else’s blog link to comments when that person doesn’t even have a blog. I have been removing these when people ask me to but the tech support people need me to leave some of them in going forward so they can try and figure this out.

Hopefully over the next week this will happen some more and I can get it resolved! So just know that if you see your blog post attached to someone else’s comment, they aren’t trying to take credit, it’s just an error that’s being worked on.

And while we are on the subject, I have noticed lately many people are leaving their actual blog links (not a link to a post) in my comments section. This is considered rude and self-promotional and I delete these comments. Many of these seem to be people from the UK or Australia where maybe the practice is acceptable. But please know that if you do it on my blog, your comments will be deleted.

Thanks for your patience!