VV Friday Poll

Welcome to the book edition of the VV Friday Poll!

I read a lot. Always have, always will. Reading is pretty much the ONLY thing that keeps me somewhat sane during my 2 1/2 commute every day. I thought this would make a great topic for my poll since a lot of people read lounging about at the beach or pool (or hot sweaty train commutes) in the summer. :)

Join me for a few moments won’t you?

  1. How was your week? Anything exciting happen?
    Nothing much exciting happened really. Same ‘ole, same ‘ole.
  2. What book(s) are you currently reading?
    I started A Clash Of Kings (book 2 in the Game Of Thrones series) but haven’t been able to get into it. I am also reading Room, which is pretty good so far and written from a very unique perspective.
  3. What’s on your nails today?
    Just Seche Vite Rebuild.
  4. Do you have a favorite book you re-read over and over?
    The Outsiders and The Stand have been read MANY times. I have re-read a ton of books though, sometimes new ones just cannot compare.
  5. Do you use an e-reader, regular books or both?
    I use both. I will never, ever stop buying books because I collect them and have thousands, but I love how light the e-readers are (especially for commuting purposes). Continue reading »

Jesse’s Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss Swatches, Photos & Review

Jesse s Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss

I came across a Jesse’s Girl MECCA at a really nice and well stocked Rite Aid about 45 minutes from my house recently. In fact, I am pretty sure I squealed LOUDLY when I saw all the stuff they had. I wasn’t even aware that there was an entire cosmetics line from them!

Frantically I grabbed and snatched at items holding them close to my chest as they spilled onto the floor. Then I wised up and made my step-daughter get me a basket. :D

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CND The Look for Fall/Winter 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

CND The Look

CND’s The Look for fall and winter 2011 features two new colors and a new super cool sparkle effect.

The two colors are Midnight Sapphire (deep sapphire blue creme) and Dark Amethyst (deep plum creme). 24K Sparkle gives you a gilded gold leaf effect on whatever you apply it on top of. It works really great with these two deep creme colors.

The formula is really good with these. The two colors are super opaque almost in just one coat and apply very nicely. The Sparkle is thicker, but not hard to work with and you get a lot of sparkle!

CND The Look 2

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Ahhhh the 80’s

Source: No clue of original but got it from here

Earlier today I was chatting with some Twitter friends about MTV and basically how amazingly cool and silly the 80’s were. It made me all nostalgic since this is the decade I spent my teens in.

It’s weird because when you are in a current decade you don’t necessarily notice the exact things that are happening that will make that decade really stand out in the future for people. Looking back there are clear-cut things that like totally make the 80’s stand out in a bitchen’ way (get it?) and some of my very fondest moments (and worst fashion/hair/makeup mistakes) are from then.

Here are some things that I remember very clearly about the 80’s and I’ll bet a lot of you do as well.

  • Remember when MTV showed videos all day long and there wasn’t a single TV show on it?
  • Remember when you would record your favorite videos onto a VHS tape so you could watch them over and over?
  • Remember when ZZ Top had fluffy white guitar covers and spun them around in unison?
  • Remember when electric blue eyeliner JUST came out?
  • Remember when you had to use a rotary telephone?
  • Remember when there were basically NO cool nail polish colors other than plain black?
  • Remember when your only cool jeans brand was Levis?
  • Remember when the scent of Aqua Net permeated the air?
  • Remember when neon bathing suits that look like dive suits were in?
  • Remember when Dynasty was BADASS?
  • Remember when you were in love with Don Johnson on Miami Vice (I totally was)?
  • Remember how ridiculously high the waist on jeans were? Like up to your boobs practically!
  • Remember when the BEST movies made were from John Hughes?
  • Remember when The Breakfast Club movie came out? The theme song still instantaneously brings me back.
  • Remember when you totally ripped all your clothes up and added lace/pins/whatever to look like Madonna or Jennifer Beals from Flashdance?
  • Remember when you first heard Metallica and were immediately hooked? No? Just me? :)
  • Remember seeing the movie The Lost Boys in the theater multiple times? No? Just me? :) Continue reading »

Too Faced Smokey Eye Shadow Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

Too Faced Smokey Eye

New for fall 2011 from Too Faced is the Smokey Eye Shadow Collection. Well it’s new and it isn’t new.

This is the new version of it which is thinner and has more pigmentation in the shadows. More pigmentation is always a good thing in my book!

Firefly (silvery taupe)
White Lie (sugar white)
In A Flash (silver shimmer)
Cloves (bronzey brown)
Nice Ash (charcoal)
Smoking Jacket (black plum)
Up In Smoke (black brown)
Smokin Hot (matte black)
Smolder (matte navy)

Believe it or not, this is my first experience with Too Faced eyeshadows!

Too Faced Smokey Eye 2

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