I’m in Love with a Little Pink Sponge Called The Original Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

When you hear the words “Beauty Blender” what image come to mind?

I picture a really gorgeous tall, pale woman with ice blond hair and hot red lips wearing a black leather corset in her pristine white on white kitchen whipping together a concoction of cosmetics in her blender. Sounds like a magazine ad from the 90’s. :)

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Cargo Barcelona Color Palette Swatches, Photos & Review

Cargo Barcelona

The Cargo Color Palette in Barcelona might be my favorite color palette thus far.

Now I have never been to Barcelona (would love to) but these blue, purple and green colors invoke a feeling of water, sun, beaches, white sands, and breezy clothes. Am I totally off target? Not my fault, I didn’t name it Barcelona! :)

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Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Swatches, Photos & Review

Benefit They re Real

Benefit They’re Real! (July 2011) is a new mascara with a whole ‘lotta claims behind it.

They’re Real! volumizes, thickens and curls lashes not to mention it won’t smudge, flake off or dry out.

The brush is what makes this mascara a little different from most. It’s kind of a spiky 14th century weapon-looking thing which has staggered bristles. These bristles help you grab all those small little lashes hiding out and bring them to life!

You can use this brush the “normal” horizontal way to lengthen and get lots of volume or use it vertically to help curl and define your lashes.

Benefit They re Real 2

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Time Lapsed (mostly) San Simeon Sunset

Beauty isn’t limited to just makeup, it also includes sunsets. :)

Here are a series of photos taken while in San Simeon this past week. They are mostly time lapsed. Check out the waves, especially in the last 20-25 pics.


San Simeon Sunset 1

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Elephant Seal or Sammy?

I know this is a female Elephant Seal, but something about her reminds me of my Sammy. Maybe it’s the blubbery way she scoots across the sand like he does on my carpet. :D

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