Nap Time!

Question of the Week

Happy Friday!

Did you have anything exciting happen this week? Not so much for me, more of the same.

What are your favorite cheeses and how do you like to eat them?

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MAC By Request

MAC has a new limited edition collection coming out called MAC By Request that will be comprised of previously released popular pieces. But this isn’t just ANY old collection!

You will be able to vote for your favorite shades starting March 12th on their Facebook page. There are eighteen lipsticks, lipglasses and eye shadows that have been selected from past collections, and all you have to do is let them know which one you want brought back for this online only limited edition collection. The three shades with the most votes from each category will be brought back for this collection.

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MAC Chenman Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches, Photos & Review

MAC Chenman

MAC Chenman is a collection based on Chen Man. She is a huge star in the Chinese fashion photography arena, and got her start taking a bunch of cover photos for the Shanghai based fashion magazine, Vision. Honestly I had never heard of her until this collection was announced but now I have seen some of her work and she’s really quite awesome.

This collection features a lot of blue and pink tones, which were inspired by her fascination with love and water. It’s not a huge collection (yay!) and includes some things I have fallen in love with already.

MAC Chenman 2
MAC Chenman

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Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

Short on time? Milani High Speed Fast Dry Nail Lacquer might be what you need.

These lacquers come in six new shades and are meant to be a one-coat super fast drying formula. The colors not shown are Black Swift (black), Jiffy Orange (bright orange) and Rapid Cherry (bright red).

For me none of these were really one-coaters. They were either too uneven to just do one coat or not quite as opaque as I would like. So I used two on all of them.

Milani Yellow Whiz
Yellow Whiz

Yellow Whiz is a bright cool yellow. I know it looks warm in this pic but in actuality, it’s cooler toned. Bright but not neon. Streaky, but not nearly as bad as a lot of yellow polishes out there are.

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