Instagram Photo Editing Madness

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Why hello there dear reader, how are you doing today? I wanted to take a minute (or 30) to write a post about something that’s been really chapping my hide lately. I hope you stay with me here.

By now pretty much everyone on earth knows about the major photo editing that magazines do on all their photos. They do things from nipping in waists to thickening hair to adding cleavage, etc. It’s never-ending what they do. But what’s bothering me now is the heavy photo editing popping up on social media lately, specifically Instagram.

I feel like the editing on Instagram in a way is actually more damaging to young minds than magazines. Magazines present a glossy amazing “fantasy” spread that (I think) most people realize isn’t attainable in real life. I feel like most people look at say the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and realize how heavily edited the photos are. I believe most people also realize that these models have an entire clothing, makeup, hair and lighting crew behind each and every photo.

Instagram is different in that it’s supposed to be “insta” and therefore more personal. It’s supposed to represent an immediate shot of something as it happens. It’s meant to show one person’s life in snapshots. However, increasingly some large makeup brands, YouTube personalities, bloggers and makeup artists are showing extremely staged photos that are obviously not even taken with a phone. I’ll admit, I too have been guilty of this. The staged photos definitely get a lot of “likes” and seem to be quite popular. But that’s not even the main issue I am seeing.

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Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick now comes in 28 shades and 16 new shades are available now!

The new shades just launched a few days ago and I knew it would be hard to narrow down the ones I wanted to buy. I *kind of* managed to control myself and chose just 7 of them. I still sort of wish I had chosen one of the red shades, but I have SO many red lipsticks already it’s hard for me to justify buying any more.

So yeah, liquid lipstick is definitely the new thing. Seems like every single company is coming out with a version. Basically it applies wet and glossy and dries into a matte lipstick finish. These dry pretty quickly but I have swatches of what they look like wet and dry below. They contain vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, which is supposed to help with hydration but honestly, these feel pretty darn dry on my already parched lips. It helps to use a primer or lip balm underneath them but they really aren’t very hydrating at ALL, and anyone who tells you different either has super moisturized lips or is lying (in my opinion).

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick-2

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Too Faced Giveaway!

Too Faced Giveaway

Good Monday morning!

Since Mondays can be rough, I’ve decided to give you a chance to win some gorgeous Too Faced goodies! Here is what one lucky person shall win:

  • Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette
  • Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Dark Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Beach Bunny Bronzer
  • Pink Leopard Bronzer
  • Endless Summer Bronzer
  • Sun Bunny Bronzer
  • Snow Bunny Bronzer
  • Teddy Bear Hair Kabuki Brush

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LORAC Unzipped Gold Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Unzipped Gold Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Unzipped Gold Eye Shadow Palette came out in the spring, but I am just now getting a chance to try her out. I actually bought this because I had a birthday coupon from Ulta plus a gazillion points built up, so while it costs $42.00, I wound up paying only $2.00 for the actual palette! Can’t beat that. 😉

This palette features ten eye shadow shades in shimmery metallic and matte finishes. It also comes with a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer (0.19 oz) and a nice-sized mirror.

LORAC Unzipped Gold Eye Shadow Palette-2

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NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection

NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection

The NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection features new shades for cheeks, lips and eyes and also includes a brand new product.

Included in the collection are two new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows in Telesto and Pasiphae ($29), a new Blush in Tribulation ($30), two new Lip Glosses in Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll ($26), a new Lipstick in VIP Red ($27) and the brand new Velvet Shadow Sticks in Hollywoodland, Aigle Noir, Glenan, Goddess, Oaxaca, Sukhothai, Filbuste and Reykjavik ($28).

NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection-2

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