MAC Beth Ditto Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

MAC Beth Ditto

MAC Beth Ditto is a color drenched collection this summer. It features nail lacquers, lip pencils, lipcremes, colored mascaras, an interesting, if not confusing polka dotted powder, and shadow/liner pencils.

I’ll be honest. Up until this collection came out, I had never heard of Beth Ditto. Apparently she’s a singer with an indie band called Gossip. Definitely not an indie music fan, so that’s probably why I never heard about her! And now you know. 😉

MAC Beth Ditto 2

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Wet n Wild Be Jeweled Nail Color Collection Swatches & Review

Wow it’s taken me quite awhile to get around to posting the limited edition Wet n Wild Be Jeweled collection for spring 2012!

Perhaps you are finally now seeing these in your local drugstores? I know it sometimes takes months after I post a WnW collection to show up, so hopefully I’m not teasing you now. 😉

Be Jeweled is a limited collection of 5 mini bottles of glittery “gemstone” like shades. Kind of cute bottles, no? I like the asymmetrical caps for whatever reason. Makes them a little more interesting.

As far as formula, these are pretty nice. Not too thick or sticky, though they do feel a bit chunky.  I used two coats for all of them, which didn’t cover the nail completely.

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Sammy frequently seems to have the “falling asleep while sitting up” thing going on.

Essie Go Overboard Swatch & Review

Essie Go Overboard Nail Polish

Essie Go Overboard is a shade I came across while on Nordstrom’s website and I felt an overwhelming need to possess her.

Go Overboard is part of the Go Overboard spring collection, which also featured Armed & Ready and Play Date.

Essie Go Overboard
Go Overboard

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GAP Nail Polish Swatches, Photos & Comparison

Gap Nail Polish

Did you know that GAP sells nail polish? I sure didn’t until a month or so ago I was in one, and spotted them sitting in a bucket on a shelf. They had some shades that looked pretty cool, but I limited myself to just two.

One is called Gold Rush and from the bottle, it definitely looked like a Chanel Peridot dupe. The other is a glittery teal green.

Gap Nail Polish 2
Gold Rush, Mermaid

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