The Beauty Social 2011 by Beautylish Recap

The Beauty Social

This past weekend I was in Santa Monica for The Beauty Social from Beautylish. This event was all about getting people together to celebrate all kinds of beauty and hear from different celebrity makeup artists, experts, bloggers and vloggers.

I wasn’t too sure about going because I didn’t know anyone and it wasn’t local. But I decided to bite the bullet and I am SO glad I did! I met so many really cool bloggers and vloggers.

Some of the people I met were Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog (kind of funny I had to go to LA to meet her when she lives 45 minutes from me!), Patrice from Afrobella, Erika from Makeup Bag, Leesha from xSparkage on YouTube, JulieG from YouTube and Romy from Romy Raves. I met all sorts of other cool people as well from bloggers to those behind makeup brands (Jenny Frankel from CoverFX and Amy from Sugarpill) and Twitter accounts (Nils from Beautylish) and more!

The Beauty Social 2

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New! Wet n Wild Coloricon Limited Edition Glitter Palettes for Holiday 2011Swatches, Photos & Review

Wet n Wild Glitter Kit

Wet n Wild keeps the holiday shimmer going with their new limited edition Coloricon Glitter Palettes.

There are four different palettes this holiday which are: Shimmer Station, Twinkle Town, Main Street Glitz and Tinsel Mall.

These are creamy glitter shadows so the texture is a bit different from what we have been seeing from them as of late. And as you will see, some worked and some…well didn’t.

The issue I seemed to have with a couple of these palettes was that there was SO much glitter sitting on top of the creme shadow, all I could get onto my finger was glitter. The glitter and creme didn’t seem to mix well together. The shadows felt very gritty and came out super patchy. But not all of them were like that so I’m not sure what the deal is. Maybe not enough quality assurance at the factory?

Wet n Wild Coloricon Glitter Kit

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Gareth Pugh for MAC Collection Official Information and Product Photos

The Gareth Pugh (a British fashion designer) for MAC Collection will be released at the end of November and I don’t know about you, but a lot of this collection gets me REALLY excited! Look at the nail lacquers!!

Challenging the conventions of fashion with his signature style that blurs the traditional gender divide…M·A·C is proud to partner with London-based designer Gareth Pugh. Infusing his trademark esoteric experimentation into Beauty Powders, Metal-X Cream Shadows, Technakohl Liner, Pigments, Lipsticks, Lipglass, Studio Fix Boldblack Lash, Powder Blushes, Nail Lacquers, Buffer Brush and a Makeup Bag, he delivers an assortment of futuristic yet primal shades in custom geometric packaging.

2011 10 24 12 34 58

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Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Beach Hotel

This past weekend I went to the Beautylish Beauty Social in Santa Monica, CA. I stayed at the Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel which was right across from the ocean and pretty nice!

Santa Monica Beach Hotel 2

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New! Wet n Wild Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palettes for Holiday 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

Wet n Wild Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello world!

As you know by now, Wet n Wild is coming out with some really fun goodies this holiday season. They have three new limited edition Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palettes that I will show you today. These are all Walgreens exclusives.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palettes 2

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