MAC Me Over! for Fall 2011 New Black Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

MAC Me Over New Black

MAC Me Over! New Black features all the sexy “it” colors happening for this fall. It’s a collection of eleven items, mostly dark vampy pieces.

I love dark colors like this but they can sometimes be hard to pull off if you are very fair!

  • Eye Shadow x 4 – Evil Eye
  • Evil Eye – Deep yellow grey (matte)
  • Palace Pedigreed – Deep berry with dark soft pink pearl (satin)
  • Spellcaster – Blackened violet (mate)
  • Moody – Blackened green (VXP)
  • Fluidline in Dark Diversion – Darkened plum
  • Fluidline in Avenue – Charcoal black with gold pearl
  • Fludline in Midnight Blues – Blackened blue
  • Fluidline in Dark Envy – Blackened green
    • Lipstick in Rebel – Vivid pinkish-purple (satin)
    • Lipstick in Prince Noir – Deep blue-purple (matte)
    • Lipstick in Smoked Purple – Deel eggplant purple (matte)
    • Lipstick in Runaway Red – Rich red-blue (satin)
    • Nail Lacquer in Purple Majesty – Deep purple (creme)
    • Nail Lacquer in Deep Sea – Deep teal (creme)

    MAC Me Over New Black Evil Eye

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    MAC Me Over! for Fall 2011 Icelandic Cool Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

    MAC Me Over Icelandic Cool

    MAC Me Over! Icelandic Cool collection is a somewhat small collection with just eleven pieces.

    I am always drawn to cool colored collections because generally the colors work very well with fair skin tones. I’m a big fan of the Shadesticks also, they are easy to use and fun to play around with!

    • Eye Shadow x 4 – Lady Grey
    • All Races – Cool light taupe mauve (matte)
    • Tendersmoke – Muted silver lilac (frost)
    • Lady Grey – Light frosted green-grey (satin)
    • Hazy Day – Mid-tone grey (VXP)
  • Shadestick in Butternutty – Frosted light neutral beige
  • Shadestick in Cakeshop – Frosted pewter
  • Shadestick in Tundra – Icy silver
  • Shadestick in Heirloom – Light icy pink
  • Shadestick in Street Cool – Mid-tone grey violet taupe
  • Lipglass in The Wee Coquette – Naked neutral pink
  • Lipglass in Good Times – Pale mauve
  • Lipglass in Spite – Muted plum-taupe brown
  • Nail Lacquer in Quiet Time – Beige nude (creme)
  • Nail Lacquer in Fatigues – Army green (creme)
  • MAC Me Over Shadestick

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    Share Yourself!

    Looking to show off your awesome mani, eye look or hot lips to people across the world? Look no further!

    I am starting a new series called Share Yourself. These posts will be a way for you to show off your skills and maybe get your name out there. I’ll feature 3-6 people per post, depending on how many submissions I get (hopefully a lot!) and will link back to your site.

    Rules for submission

    • The photos must be at least 500 pixels wide and only two photos max per submission.
    • Photos must be clear and color accurate. By clear I mean no pics from a camera phone, no blurriness, but it doesn’t have to be HD or anything. By color accurate I just mean try taking the photo in the best light you can. Nothing washed out or so dark you can’t see it.
    • No Photoshopped photos please. You can use it for very minor things like a eliminating piece of stray cat hair *ahem* but I prefer “as is” photos.
    • No watermarks or any writing on your photos please.
    • I would like photos that haven’t already been showcased already on your blog or elsewhere.
    • Include a list of products used and if relevant, how you used them for the look.
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    MAC Me Over for Fall 2011 Collection Nail Lacquer Swatches & Photos

    The MAC Me Over! collection for fall 2011 will hit stores at the end of this month in North America and it’s got a little something for everyone.

    MAC Me Over! was a contest that MAC held where thousands of people submitted photos or videos. They were all asked to finish the statement “MAC me over because…” James Gager who is their Senrio Vice President and Creative Director then chose six people who’s ideas best expressed the MAC Me Over! motto “Style, Heart and Soul” to be the face of the collection all over the world.

    This very large collection comes in three parts each with a different vibe. They are called Icelandic Cool (icy cool colors), New Black (this seasons “it” colors) and MAC Basics (the artists favorite nudes and pinks, some classics others limited edition shades).

    Today I am mixing things up from the Icelandic Cool and New Black collections to bring to you three of the four nail lacquers. The one not included below is from Icelandic Cool and it’s called Quiet Time (beige nude creme).

    MAC Fatigues

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    Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick Swatches, Photos & Review

    Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick

    Kat Von D has some new lipsticks out called Foiled Love Lipstick.

    They come in five new colors

    • Beranice – Metallic poppy red
    • Forever & Never – Metallic golden peach
    • F.T.W. – Metallic cranberry rose
    • Oh My Goth – Metallic deep amethyst with iridescent micro glitter
    • Valentine – Metallic hot pink with iridescent micro glitter

    These “foiled” lipsticks are really metallics which claim to be highly pigmented and give you a look as though your lips have been wrapped in foil.

    My experience with two of them didn’t live up to those claims…

    Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick 2

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