Cirque Colors Metropolis for September 2015

Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection for September 2015

Cirque Colors Metropolis for September 2015 is here!

After a short break during the summer, they are back this fall with three new, permanent shades for September. In case you forgot or weren’t aware, all the colors in the Metropolis line are creme shades and inspired by New York City. All of these had a really great formula and covered perfectly over a ridge-filling base coat with just two coats for me.

Cirque Colors Page Six

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LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Face And Body Mask

LUSH Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask


LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask isn’t quite the same kind of morning pick-me-up as an actual cup o’ coffee, but it sure is close!

This new mask for fall is rich, strong and smooth – like a cup of coffee should be. It’s vegan and made with fresh ground coffee, kaolin and agave syrup. It has a very nice strong coffee smell, which I happen to love. It looks a little…shall we say, questionable, but once you get past that and get to the smearing it all over your skin part, it’s pretty cool.

LUSH Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask-2

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MAC MACnificent Me! for Fall 2015

MAC MACnificent Me!

MAC MACnificent Me! is new, available online now, and I’ve got a bunch of swatches and info about this latest fall collection for you.

But first a blurb from the brand about what this collection is all about.

Whoever you are and whatever your style…put your heart and soul into it. Out of the many thousands of inspiring individuals who entered our contest, we found six people who are truly 100% M·A·Cnificent, transforming them into the faces of our fall colour collection. Now, be inspired and motivated to celebrate your own style, heart and soul with M·A·Cnificent Me. You can check out the people who inspired this collection right here.

MAC MACnificent Me! Patentpolish Lip Pencils

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Clinique Skinny Stick & Just Browsing Review

Clinique Skinny Stick and Just Browsing

Clinique Skinny Stick and Just Browsing are new items from the brand and I’ve got some info and swatches for you.

Skinny Stick is a new super skinny eyeliner that comes in seven shades including Angel Hair, Lanky Lapis, Olive-Tini, Slimming Black, Black Silver, Slim Sable and Skinny Jeans . It’s thin and small enough to get in-between lashes rather nicely, and has a long-wearing yet creamy and smooth formula. Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse is a tinted mousse with a very small applicator brush and 24 hour wear formula. It’s smudge-resistant and comes in four shades including Blonde, Light Brown, Deep Brown and Black/Brown.

Clinique Skinny Stick

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Orly EPIX Cameo Review

Orly Epix Cameo

The Orly EPIX line came out for spring 2015 but I just recently tested one of the shades called Cameo out, and I’ve got all the info for you today!

Orly EPIX is a 2 step manicure system (not gel) that is supposed to last about a week and dries in just 8 minutes. The system contains a Flexible Color and then their Flexible Sealcoat. It’s has what they call a “Flexible” chip-resistant formula that allows the formula to remain elastic to flex with your nails instead of becoming brittle and chipping or flaking off. It also has their Smudge-Fixing Technology, which is a shock absorbing system which contains polymers that helps the manicure bounce back from nicks and dents. It has a nice “Gripper Cap” that makes opening the bottles easier (I’ve always love this kind of cap) and these come in around 36 shades currently.

Orly Epix Cameo-2

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