The Lipstick League: Week of 3.16.15


Happy official first day of spring!!


Question of the Week: You’re leaving the house and must grab ONE lip color to wear for the entire week. Quick! What do you pick?

My Answer: Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Pink Gold.

The Lipstick League Links of the Week

Love for Lacquer – Spring cleaning is upon us. Jess shows us some of her favorite makeup organizers! You’re going to want to see these (And bookmark a few sites!)

My Beauty Bunny – Less is more this spring! We’ve got the basics, our cruelty free picks, and a quick tutorial for the ‘it’ style of the season – Makeup Trend: Barefaced and Beautiful.

My Newest Addiction – Laura shows us the new Too Faced Selfie Palette! You MUST SEE the swatches!

Nouveau Cheap – Target has added lots of beauty brands to the makeup department lately, but this new addition was a total surprise to me.

Prime Beauty – has a special connection to Cinderella. Does the MAC Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Collection live up to her expectations? Find out!

Phyrra – shows you ways to wear the 2015 beauty trends with a 5 product face!

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piCture pOlish New Shades for 2015!

piCture pOlish New Shades

piCture pOlish has some new shades out and I’ve got swatches and all the details for ya!

Two of these colors (Bohemian and Pharaoh) are from the brand in their new Opulence Shades collection and the two others are new ones created with nail bloggers (Karma and Cherish.)

piCture pOlish Cherish

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Note: Cruelty free

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors

JulieG Candy Shoppe Colors have arrived!

This new, limited edition collection by Jessie’s Girl/JulieG features nine shades with a new “jelly bean” finish. What the heck is that you might wonder. Ok so you know how jelly beans have a slightly waxy, satin-like sheen to them? These are like that. They aren’t shiny or completely matte. They look kind of waxy/rubbery to me.

The formula itself applies like a jelly more-so than a creme. They are on the sheer side and you can build them up with more coats. I used either two or three coats for these swatches depending on the color. Some seemed more opaque and some more sheer. I didn’t use a base coat so some look a bit uneven because of my nail ridges. They probably come out nicer with a ridge-filling base coat if you suffer from that issue like I do.

JulieG Lemon Drop

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Note: Cruelty free

a England The Blessed Damozel

a England The Blessed Damozel Bottle

a England The Blessed Damozel is a new shade that all purple lovers might have to check out.

This blackened purple is deep, glowy, shimmery and saturated. There are flecks of blue and pink shimmer throughout and the formula was really great. It’s incredibly saturated so you could probably do just one coat, but I did two here.

a England The Blessed Damozel Bottle-2

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Note: Cruelty free

Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Collection

Too Faced Sugar Pop Sugary Sweet Eye Shadow Collection

The Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye Shadow Collection for summer 2015 has arrived at VVHQ are you ready for the pretty?

First off can we discuss how cute this is? I mean, it’s covered with macaron’s! Who doesn’t love to stare at macaron’s?

So basically, they had me from the packaging alone. Again. But then when you open up the palette things get even more exciting because the eye shadow colors are so cute. All the colors were inspired by vanilla, chocolate and candy and I think they did a good job with that. Most of these have some shimmer or micro-glitter to them but that just makes them all the more enticing to look at for me.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Sugary Sweet Eye Shadow Collection-3

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Note: Cruelty free