Q. Who runs Vampy Varnish?
A. I run it with the help of Mr.VV (my husband) who helps with a lot of the back-end IT issues.

Q. How long have you been blogging?
A. Vampy Varnish started in September of 2008.

Q. What’s your favorite nail polish?
A. I like SO many, but I think China Glaze Out On Safari is my favorite because I spent so long trying to get it and it’s so unusual.

Q. What’s your favorite brand of makeup?
A. This changes but my very favorite brands right now are MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, bareMinerals, NARS, Tarte, Benefit and Wet n Wild.

Q. What’s your favorite base coat and top coat?
A. I love Nubar Foundation base coat and Diamont top coat. I find the combo of using those with any brand of nail polish works best for me. I like Diamont because it’s super quick dry, shiny and self-leveling. I never have problems with tip-shrinkage or scratches on the finish like I can with Seche Vite or Poshe.

Q. What are your favorite brands of polish?
A. There are so many great ones, but my favorites are China Glaze, BB Couture, Duri, Misa & Zoya. I choose those ones mainly because of the vast color range and finishes they have, good prices and unusual colors.

Q. How many bottles of nail polish do you own?
A. I haven’t counted in a long time but I’m guessing between 3,000-4,000 now.

Q. What do you do to keep your cuticles in shape?
A. I do push back and trim my cuticles about once a week. I use LUSH Lemony Flutter on them at night and also other cuticle oils as I see fit.

Q. How many times a day do you apply hand lotion?
A. About 8-10, no joke.

Q. How do you get your polish so perfect?
A. After I am done painting them, I dip a small, soft, dome shaped brush into remover and go all around the cuticle-area cleaning it up. I got my brush at Michael’s craft store for I think around $2.00.

Q. Is this what you do for a living?
A. Yes! As of March 2012 this is my full time job.

Q. What’s your skin tone color?
A. NC 20.

Q. What camera do you use?
A. Up until December 2009, I used a Canon Elph SD 990IS. After that I switched to the Canon Rebel T1i. Now I am using the Canon 60D. I also use the Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens for close-up shots.

Q. Are you an expert?
A. Nope, not in any way shape or form. What I write about is based solely on my own experience so please make your own decisions.

Q. Do you get your polish and makeup for free?
A. Most of what I show on Vampy Varnish is sent to me for product consideration either by the company or their PR firm. If I purchase it, I don’t have the disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Q. Are you influenced by getting free products?
A. Nope. All opinions on this website are my own and based on my own experience. You will see both positive and negative reviews on Vampy Varnish.

Q. Where do you live?
A. In the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Q. When did you start wearing makeup/nail polish?
A. Around age 12-13.

Q. What blog platform do you use?
A. I use WordPress and the design is custom made for me by cre8d design.

Q. Who hosts Vampy Varnish?
A. Vampy Varnish is hosted by HostGator.

Q. Can I use your pictures on my blog or website?
A. Absolutely not. Everything on this website is copyrighted and under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act you cannot use any of it (including anything found on Google or other search engines). I will hunt you down and find you if you do, and you won’t be happy about it.