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Stila Limited Edition Beach Palettes for Summer 2011

Stila Beach Palettes

Better late than never?

I bought all the limited edition Stila Beach Palettes but never got around to getting the photos all edited and posted. So I figured I would just show you a couple of my favorite photos of the outsides. :)

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Stila Waterproof Sparkle Liquid Eye Liner in Electric & Flash Swatches & Photos

Stila Waterproof Sparkle Liner

Awhile back I posted swatches of the new Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners and someone mentioned they were surprised I didn’t have any of the green ones. The ones I originally posted were sent to me for review so I didn’t pick them myself,  but when I saw the greens, I kind of knew I would be owning them soon. Now I do!

These are even better than the others one, so be prepared to cough up some dough because if you love green, you WILL want these colors.

Stila Waterproof Sparkle Liner 2

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Dior St. Tropez Vernis Swatches & Photos

Dior St Tropez Bottle

Looking for the perfect light blue nail polish to don for summer? Also looking to spend a pretty penny on it? Look no further then Dior Vernis in St. Tropez.

I got a little crazy for some reason when I first heard about this color and had an URGENT need to possess it. Like I don’t already have 12 million light blue nail polishes. But somehow this spoke to me.

St. Tropez seems like the absolute perfect color to wear on your nails when you are on a tropical island. And it’s not just the name, the color screams BEACH, STAT!

This color was actually created for the Dior boutique opening in Saint Tropez and is limited edition.

Dior St Tropez

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BB Couture Eye Candy Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

This afternoon I’ve got part deux of the BB Couture Eye Candy collection.

This part might not have as many odd colors, but it’s great nonetheless.

The formula once again was really good with pretty much all of these. There were a couple that required three coats here though.

BB Couture Scorching Strawberry

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BB Couture Eye Candy For Men Collection Swatches, Photos & Review

BB Couture has a new collection out called Eye Candy and as per the norm, there is a “For Men” side and the regular side. Today I’m covering For Men.

I’m always excited to see new stuff from one of my very favorite nail polish brands and this is a really cool collection – with some unusual colors.

The formula was really great with all six of these. All but one were two coats.

BB Couture Dirty Blond

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