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Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polish for Summer 2009

Happy Hump Day! Ok so we are about halfway through the week and inching towards the weekend, so just hang on! I have some more new (to me) polishes from a company called Diamond Cosmetics.

Diamond Cosmetics started back in 1982 mostly selling lip and eye pencils to drug stores and retail chains. They have since expanded to three different divisions which include retail, professional and private label that sell a variety of cosmetics. Their professional division, which sells the Flossie Diamond nail polish, started in 1988 and sells their products to beauty supply distributors and salons worldwide.

They have about 140 different nail polishes and quite a wide range of colors as well. And here is the best part; most of them are only $2.00 each!! The colors below are their newest ones for summer 2009, hope you like!

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is a pretty shimmery medium pink with a dusted kind of feel. It didn’t look all that special in the bottle but I really liked it on the nail. The formula was really nice and thick, but not clumpy. This was three coats.

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Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Polish – Part II

As promised here is Part II of the new Sally Hansen HD Hi-definition colors for summer. These are my favorite four of the eight, what do you think?

Pixell Pretty

Pixell Pretty is a gorgeous shimmery shade of ocean blue. It reminds me of mermaid scales, if they existed. This one was more creamy than some of the others, it didn’t seem as thin and I only needed two coats.

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Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Polish – Part I

Morning! Today I have Part I of Sally Hansen’s new HD Hi-Definition colors for summer. They claim they are “HD” because they use a patented formula using Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional colors and iridescent shine. They definitely are bright, vivid and shimmery and very spot on for summer

The formula on these is almost jelly-ish, they claim it’s a frost but it comes out like shimmer. Hard to explain. You definitely have to wait a minute or two in-between coats because if not, the polish tends to “gather” in one spot and create weird pools or lines. Check ’em out!


Lite is a very bright almost chartreuse like yellow. This is exactly the type of yellow I can’t wear because my skin already has too much yellow in it and it just clashes. I DO love this color though and think it would rock on darker skin! This was three coats and unlike most yellows not streaky because of the shimmer (I presume).

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for Summer 2009

Sally Hansen has released eight new colors in their Insta-Dri collection for summer 2009. I was only able to get six of them because two were out so I don’t even know what they are. I have gone back 3 times to check and see if they have been re-stocked, but nooooo, of course not. I am REALLY hoping I’m not missing a really cool green, purple or blue though!

As I mentioned with the other Insta-Dri’s that I swatched a few weeks ago, the brush is really bizarre on these (wide and flat), but it somehow works. It fits my nail pretty much right on, but I can see how it may be too wide for some people, so it might take some practice to get used to it. Check ’em out!

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MAC Style Warrior Nail Polish

MAC’s latest makeup collection is called Style Warrior and they included three new nail polishes. I swatched these the second I got them last night, I was so excited! So keep in mind that the light isn’t the best since the sun was starting to go down. Also my nails are NUBS right now. Had to cut them WAY down because they are splitting like mad. I really don’t think they like all this swatching and polish

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