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Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color Swatches & Review

First things first: I am trying to not purchase or write about companies that test on animals anymore. This is something I have mentioned on Twitter a few times, but many of you might not be aware of it. Sally Hansen is one of those companies that is widely believed to test on animals. However these were bought and swatched before I made this decision so I thought I would show them anyway. I am planning a whole article about this subject soon, so stay tuned!

Waaaaaay back in spring (doesn’t that seem so far away now?) Sally Hansen came out with a new line from their HD Hi-Definition collection. I saw them in stores and decided to pick up a few.

The formula was nice, but too thin in my opinion. I wound up being disappointed that some of them weren’t more opaque. I used three coats for all but one, and some could have even used four (or more!)

I was also a little sad that these looked so amazing and duo-chrome-y in the bottles, but they didn’t translate as nicely onto the nail.


Byte is a bright fuchsia pink with purple/blue shimmer. Gorgeous pink, I really like this one. This was one of the slightly more opaque ones, but I still needed three coats to get even coverage.

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Duri Paparazzi Collection Spring 2010 Swatches & Review


Yay aren’t you glad I am finally posting some new nail swatches? :)

Thanks again for sticking around while I took some time off!

Today I’ve got the second half of Duri’s Paparazzi collection, this time for spring (the other part of this Paparazzi collection was for summer).

These colors are bright, vivid and very “spring-ish”, though I didn’t like them quite as much as the summer collection.

These are (almost) all what I would classify as shimmery metallics and the application was pretty great. I believe most were just two coats. A couple had very minor streaking, but not that bad.

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BB Couture Ladybug Collection for Spring 2010 Swatches & Review

Happy April Fools Day!

Remember the other day when I posted a fabulous new spring collection from BB Couture? Well I have another new one from them today! Don’t they rock? They just keep ’em coming.

This is called the Ladybug collection and it’s also six new colors.

Ladybug is filled with mostly fairly sheer colors. I used three coats for all of these except one, and probably could have used 4 on some! That’s my only problem with the formula, otherwise they applied very nicely.

Take a looksee…

Daisy Dweller

Daisy Dweller is a warm sunny yellow with gold and silver shimmer. For my skin tone this does not work at all, it’s just too warm. But I still really like it and wish it was a color I could wear. This was three coats and you can still see a slight VNL.

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BB Couture Butterfly Collection for Spring 2010 Swatches & Review

One of my very favorite nail polish companies has come out with another incredible collection for spring. BB Couture keeps the hits coming with the Butterfly collection. Not only is it incredible, it’s NOT pastel or neon, hallelujah!

Can I just tell you that nail fanatics who have access to BB Couture and haven’t yet tried them are insane?? Seriously you MUST get some of their polish.

The formula on these was pretty darn good with a couple (small) issues.

Peep ’em and weep people! (I wanted to say weeple haha!)


Emperor is a peach with gold shimmer. This is SUPER cheery and spring-ish. I SO heart this color I can’t even explain. I am really into the peaches this year! What I love about this color is the shimmer in it. We have seen a few really nice peaches, but they have been cremes. This was a little sheer going on so I used three coats.

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BB Couture For Men Mechanics 101 Collection Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!

BB Couture has recently released a new collection “for men” called Mechanics 101 for spring.

In case you didn’t know, BB Couture has “regular” releases and also collections geared towards men. The bottles are square, the colors are more masculine and the names, of course, are very manly! This is their third collection for men. Of course we know we can all wear whatever we want!

For me this collection has some hits and some that just didn’t go with my skin tone.

The formula as usual with BB was really great, I had not a single problem with any of these and they were all two coats. Read on!

Intake Valve

Intake Valve is a pale taupey latte color. It does have very slight gold shimmer in it, which is hard to see here. This is a really nice color and when I’m feelin’ like doing something pale, I can see myself wearing this.

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