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Dashing Diva Manhattan Collection for Fall 2009

EDIT: I was just told that the nails Megan Fox is wearing on the Cosmo cover below isn’t Dashing Diva Astor Place but rather Orly Mirror, Mirror. Sorry for the error!

Morning everyone!

Dashing Diva has come out with five new colors for fall in their Manhattan Collection line. I have three of them to show you today.

I love Dashing Diva, I have reviewed a lot of their polishes in the past, which you can see here, and find them to be extremely nice. Their colors are usually very original, the formula is fantastic and at $8.00 each, they are pretty reasonably priced as well.

Dashing Diva Astor Place
Astor Place

Astor Place is a dove grey creme with a hint of lavender. This color is beyond amazing. You don’t think much of it in the bottle, but when it’s on, it’s totally unbelievably cool. This is on the verge of being mushroomy, which is probably why I like it. Hell, I was even sold on this color despite the fact that Megan Fox likes it and is wearing it on the October edition of Cosmo! This was three coats for maximum opacity.

Megan Fox

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Orly Once Upon A Time Collection for Fall 2009


Orly recently released a new collection called Once Upon A Time for fall 2009. I don’t have the entire collection unfortunately, the best one, Enchanted Forest is missing as well as Mirror Mirror, so sorry about that!

Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is an awesome pale blue/grey with silver shimmer. It almost looks sugar coated, which I love! This was three coats.

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Nubar Modern Matte for Fall 2009

We’re almost there, 5:00 is only a few hours away!

I am late to the party with Nubar’s Modern Matte collection for fall 2009, but that’s ok. These are beautiful, satiny, shimmery matte colors that are a lot different from the other mattes I have shown before which are either chalkier OR mostly black and grey tones. I also couldn’t resist putting on Nubar’s Diamont top coat with these to see what they looked like glossy and WOW, I was even more impressed with the bling.

A word about formula on these. These, like most mattes, dry really fast but not as fast as some so you have a brief moment to fix any issues. They are also all two coaters. See results below!


Vital is a wine colored pink/purple with lavender, blue and other colored shimmer.

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SpaRitual Forbidden Collection for Fall 2009

Hey Peeps, hope your week is going well and going by fast! Can you believe Labor Day weekend is right around the corner? I swear summer JUST started now we only have 3 weeks left until it’s over, le sigh.

Back to business. SpaRitual will soon be releasing a collection called Forbidden. These are all cremes, with one glorious exception. All are nice, serene colors that are fairly unique. The formula on SpaRitual is really great, though I usually do need three coats for complete opacity. Peep ’em!


Mystic is a cafe latte colored creme. This isn’t a color I would normally go for but there is something different enough about it that makes it interesting to me. This was three coats.

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Color Club Wild At Heart for Fall 2009

Tuesssdddaaaayyy afternoon…Ok sorry that song just popped into my mind.

Color Club has a new collection called Wild At Heart for fall 2009 that is really great. It’s filled with various finishes and offers a variety of cool colors. There are three that are particularly stunning to me, so check them out!

Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em
Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em

Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em is a pale gold holographic that’s totally amazing. You can see from the pic it’s VERY holographic and I really love the pale gold base color on me also. The application was nice and opaque and I only needed two coats.

Color Club Wild And Willing

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