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The Oldest School in New Hope, AL

Old School

This is a shot of the oldest school in New Hope, AL, which is where my in-laws live. I can’t remember the exact date, but it was built between 1870-1885 I believe.

Even the Squirrels are Friendly in the UK


Here’s a cute little British squirrel on the grounds of Kensington Palace. He was so super friendly he was eating right out of her hand!

Wide Load


This is a shot of a very old dress I took while in England at Kensington Palace. I know it’s completely impractical, but I always wanted to wear a dress like this, even for a few hours!

Stila Charmed Palette

Stila Charmed Palette

Stila’s Charmed Palette from summer 2009 is now on sale at a ridiculous $10.00 on Sephora’s website or $15.00 on Stila’s website. I had to get this because I had been wanting it for months, and the price was too good to pass up. I am so glad I did because the colors are all amazing and have excellent color payoff as well!

Stila Charmed Swatches

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Flower Ball

Flower Ball

This is a giant “flower ball” hanging from the ceiling of the entry way to the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. There were tons of them, all various colors. So beautiful!