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Even the Squirrels are Friendly in the UK


Here’s a cute little British squirrel on the grounds of Kensington Palace. He was so super friendly he was eating right out of her hand!

Wide Load


This is a shot of a very old dress I took while in England at Kensington Palace. I know it’s completely impractical, but I always wanted to wear a dress like this, even for a few hours!

Stila Charmed Palette

Stila Charmed Palette

Stila’s Charmed Palette from summer 2009 is now on sale at a ridiculous $10.00 on Sephora’s website or $15.00 on Stila’s website. I had to get this because I had been wanting it for months, and the price was too good to pass up. I am so glad I did because the colors are all amazing and have excellent color payoff as well!

Stila Charmed Swatches

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Flower Ball

Flower Ball

This is a giant “flower ball” hanging from the ceiling of the entry way to the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. There were tons of them, all various colors. So beautiful!

Purty Flowers

Bellagio Flowers2

Aren’t these pretty? Took this shot inside the Bellagio Conservatory as they were preparing for the autumn display.