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Licking His Chops

Sam licking lips

Hee hee.

Sammy on the Floor – Where Else?

Sammy on Floor

I swear I try and get photos of Sammy when he’s not sprawled out on the floor. Alas, this is standard operating procedure for him.

Sammy on Floor Grinning

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He Looks Down On You. Literally.

Chewy on Entertainment Center

Chewy atop one of his favorite places – our entertainment center near the ceiling. Yep he LAUNCHES off the flat screen TV to get up here. One day that foot will go through the screen and hell shall ensue…

Chewy in the Grass

Chewy in the Grass

Just playing around with PicMonkey effects with this photo of Chewy in the grass. I heart PicMonkey!

Look, Don’t Touch

Chewy Up Close

Taken with iPhone 5.