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Meet Parker!


I am excited to introduce you to our new Border Collie/Australian Shepherd puppy named Parker!

We adopted Parker yesterday from the Border Collie Rescue of Northern California. They are a fantastic organization that rescues Border Collies from all over Northern California and provides them excellent foster homes until they find their “forever homes”.

It took us a good 3+ years to be ready to adopt another dog after Chase died. But over the last couple months we had our eyes peeled, checking their site every day for a new doggie friend. The other day I saw Parker posted and knew I wanted to meet him.

Parker is about 7-8 months old and spent his life in shelters up until he was fostered a couple weeks ago. He had a broken pelvis at one point (no one really knows what happened but he may have fallen out of a truck – there are many working farms and ranches in the area where we got him) and had successful surgery for that. He’s been through a lot!

As soon as we met him it was love at first sight. He came right up to us and immediately seemed to take a liking to us and be comfortable. He was being fostered with 4 other BC’s and was just starting to open up and be playful with them rather than just watching them play.


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A Dog Named Thor


At Stinson Beach the other day there was a giant dog named Thor (I heard his owner call him that). While his owner and kids were playing soccer they tied Thor up to a sign that said “No animals on the beach”. :)

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Does This Lens Make Me Look Fat?

Sammy in Backyard

Sammy wishes it was the lens…

Sammy and Chewy in Backyard

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My Worst Nightmare Came True

Kelly Shark Attack

A shark ate me.

Even Chewy Loves Too Faced

Chewy in Too Faced Bag

Chewy settled down for a nice nap inside a Too Faced bag filled with tissue.

Chewy in Too Faced Bag-2

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