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Pupdate Vol. 4

Parker Collage

Parker really loves the water! We recently took him to a nearby park with a lake and he swam around chasing a stick. We didn’t take him off leash though, god knows if he would ever come back. He also keeps jumping in the pond at doggie daycare with his girlfriend Susie (a 6 month old golden lab).

He’s finished with his obedience classes but we are still working with him to get it really drilled in. I don’t need him to be like a highly trained police dog or anything, but just the basics are a good thing!

We should have named him Shadow. He follows one of us around everywhere we go in the house and wants to be around his peeps 24/7. We recently left for about an hour and a half and had him in the backyard. Well we came home to the screen being completely ripped out of the frame! Um yeah. So he doesn’t like being left alone outside for long. When we keep him confined to the family room/kitchen area and he’s alone, he seems better. I think it’s because the cats are inside so he’s around other “beings” and we keep the sound on the TV on for him. We have yet to leave him for more than 4 hours alone though, I’m kind of nervous about that!

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Pupdate Vol. 3

Parker inside

Three and a half weeks into Parker’s new life with us and I’m thinking, damn we scored! And he did too. :)

Parker is turning out to be such a great pup! Really he’s incredibly mellow for his age (now around 8-9 months). All he wants to do is lay near one of his humans and chill out. The only time he really gets super excited on his own is in the early morning after breakfast.

He’s been doing really good with his training and he LOVES going to doggie daycare. He has a girlfriend there, a young Golden Lab named Susie. He comes home absolutely exhausted and sleeps in the 3 minute car ride home.

Speaking of car rides, this dog is the only dog I ever met who sleeps 99% of the time in the car. But just a couple days ago he finally stood up and discovered looking out the window!

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Pupdate Vol. 2

Parker in Garage

Parker had his first session of doggie training yesterday with us and a local trainer. It went really well, he catches on quickly and is submissive, so he follows our lead rather easily it seems.

He seems to be nicely adjusted to our house and his yard now. He definitely has some separation anxiety when he can’t see one of his people, which is common for rescue dogs I hear. He’s the kind of fella that likes to be RIGHT next to us or underfoot at all times. We’re trying to work on this and he has been by himself in the yard for a couple hours and didn’t destroy anything. Though he does seem to like digging a little bit. And eating dirt. Then vomiting up dirt. Good times.

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Gettin’ Some Shut Eye

Chewy Resting

Chewy trying to get some shut eye while Parker is sleeping. Because you know, he’s gotta keep his eye on him at all times. 😉



I’ve got a pupdate on Parker for ya!

Should I turn this into a dog and cat blog? Just kidding. I am definitely in dire need of some “pretty” lately. The last 3 days has been all about washing my hands 8 billion times a day from doggie slobber on toys, no makeup, sweats, and barely taking showers! Wait, actually that’s not much different from my normal life. 😉 But he’s great!

It’s been hard to blog because I keep having to take him outside and play with him or take the cats out in the yard separately so they don’t feel all dissed. Yesterday was good because he took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon so I edited pics like mad.


As you can see, I am really backed up on product shots and swatching! And this doesn’t even include about 30 nail polishes I need to swatch. OY!

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