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Consuming Grass

Sammy February 2014

One of Sammy’s favorite things to do is consume grass in my backyard.

Sammy February 2014-2

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Don’t Let Him Fool You

Chewy Looking Away from Mirror

He was totally gazing at himself a second before I snapped this photo.

Sammy Claws

Sammy Christmas 2013

Sammy is really the only one of our cats who gets all frisky and kitten-esque when it’s Christmas time.

Sammy Christmas 2013-2

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If I Were a Cat

Pupdate Vol. 2

Parker in Garage

Parker had his first session of doggie training yesterday with us and a local trainer. It went really well, he catches on quickly and is submissive, so he follows our lead rather easily it seems.

He seems to be nicely adjusted to our house and his yard now. He definitely has some separation anxiety when he can’t see one of his people, which is common for rescue dogs I hear. He’s the kind of fella that likes to be RIGHT next to us or underfoot at all times. We’re trying to work on this and he has been by himself in the yard for a couple hours and didn’t destroy anything. Though he does seem to like digging a little bit. And eating dirt. Then vomiting up dirt. Good times.

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