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Illamasqua Scorn vs. Cult Nails Fetish

Illamasqua Scorn vs. Cult Nails Fetish

Hey there!

Today’s post was requested by a reader via email. She wanted to know if there was really any difference between Illamasqua Scorn and Cult Nails Fetish. They are both black shades and classified as mattes, so let’s check it out.

Judging from the bottles alone you can’t see any difference. Both are super black cremes with a matte finish. You don’t use a base coat or top coat with either, if you want the full texture effect they are meant to have. Both are two coats for complete coverage.

Illamasqua Scorn vs. Cult Nails Fetish-2

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Orly Gumdrop vs. Ancient Jade

Orly Gumdrop vs Ancient Jade

Why hello there! Ready for another comparison post? Been awhile since I’ve done one, sorry I got off-track there for a bit!

Today I’ve got another reader suggestion comparing two similar greens. Orly Gumdrop and Ancient Jade.

Both of them are from Orly. Both are what you could call mint greens. Both have a creme finish. But are they that similar?

Orly Gumdrop vs Ancient Jade 2
Gumdrop, Ancient Jade

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Revlon Coastal Surf vs. Zoya Yummy

Happy weekend!

Today I’ve got a comparison post of two sky blue cremes: Revlon Coastal Surf and Zoya Yummy.

Both are sky blue, both are cremes, both cover in two-three coats and are really gorgeous colors.

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Jessica Witchy Wisteria vs. Zoya Tru

Happy Monday morning! I hope your weekend was a great one.

Today I’ve got two very similar new colors to compare. Jessica Witchy Wisteria from the Heavy Petal collection and Zoya Tru from the True collection.

Both of these are dark purples with a fiery red and gold shimmer. But are they exactly the same?

Witchy Wisteria, Tru

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Zoya Neeka vs. Lotus

Zoya Neeka vs Lotus

Zoya Neeka vs. Lotus.

You know, I wasn’t going to do a post on these because I didn’t think there would be a need. But then I kept seeing people asking what the differences were between them so I thought it would be helpful in the end. :)

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