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The Look For Less: Issue 2 – MAC Viva Glam Nicki & Wet n Wild Pinkerbell

One of the hottest looks for spring and summer is a bright pink lip. Something about bright pink just screams WARMER DAYS!

Right now my favorite ways to wear a bright pink lipstick is with hardly any eye makeup. I think it’s going to be my “look” this season. I just love how incredibly simple it is to do. And also, it’s kind of perfect for hot lazy days when you don’t feel like spending an hour working some fancy eyeshadow/eyeliner look in a bathroom with no windows, sweating to death. I can’t be alone in the windowless bathroom can I? 😉

So today I have two bright pink lipsticks that are really popular right now. MAC Viva Glam Nicki and Wet n Wild Pinkerbell. They are incredibly similar, but one is much more expensive than the other.

Wet n Wild Pinkerbell
Wet n Wild Pinkerbell

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The Look For Less: Issue 1


Welcome to a new series I am starting called The Look For Less. In this series I will be comparing a higher end item with either a dupe (or something very similar) of a less expensive item.

Last week I reviewed the new NARS Thakoon Collection and one of the colors, Lal Mirchi, stood out for me. However not only is it a bit expensive, but it happens to be the one only sold at their Bleecker Street store. Not easy to get. But I have you covered!

China Glaze Oh How Street It Is is from the 2009 Kicks collection, and is a very similar orange/red shade. Both are bright and have a creme finish. While Oh How Street It Is is a little thinner of a formula and you may need three coats, it’s very similar to Lal Mirchi. It’s a little more orange than orange/red like Lal Mirchi, so not a dupe, but similar!

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