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Vampy Varnish 3.0 Survey

EDIT: Sorry but this survey has now been closed. Thanks to all 300+ people who participated!


As I have previously mentioned, I am gearing up for VV 3.0 and I want YOUR input!

It’s very important to me that you guys are happy with the way my site looks and runs, so I have 10 questions to ask you. This won’t take much time and it would be a huge help for me.

I will take all of your comments and suggestions into serious consideration, bearing in mind I also have ideas for the way I want VV to look and feel.

This survey will be open from now until Wednesday,  April 14 at 3:00 pm, PST.


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Polish Survey Results

Good morning fellow varnish junkies! As promised, I have the results of my nail polish survey. First off I would like to say thank you to all those who participated. I was very excited and amazed to see people all over the world responded including: Canada, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Greece, Guam, Puerto Rico, Slovenia and the UK! It’s simply amazing to me that I can just put something on a website and people everywhere are viewing my words and pictures! Ok enough with the sappiness and onto the results.

Question #1 asked what is your favorite brand of nail polish. I gave a list of 13 brands along with “None of the above” and “I change my mind every day!”
  • OPI took the cake, as they say, with 45% of the votes
  • “I change my mind every day!” was second with 23% (why doesn’t that surprise me?)
  • China Glaze was 14%
  • Zoya was 4%
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge, Chanel and “None of the above” tied with 3%
  • Deborah Lippmann, Misa and Sally Hansen all had 1%
  • Butter London, Adoree, Sephora for OPI, Orly and Creative Nail Design did not rank

I was not at all surprised that OPI won considering their very wide range of colors, formulas, affordable pricing and availability all over the world. I was a bit surprised that some of the others scored so low or not at all though, especially Creative Nail Design and Butter London.

Question #2 asked what is your favorite nail polish color in general and I listed most general colors I could think of
  • Red was 26%
  • Blue was 22%
  • Purple was 14%
  • Pink was 12%
  • Black was 10% (yahoo!)
  • Green was 6%
  • Brown was 4%
  • Grey was 3%
  • Silver & Gold tied with 1%
  • White, orange & yellow didn’t rank

I must admit I was surprised that red was number one for some reason. I know that red is a classic universal color, but since I lean towards the funkier colors myself, I didn’t expect it to be quite so high. 

Question #3 asked what is your favorite nail polish formula
  • Creme was 42%
  • Shimmer was 29%
  • Holographic was 9%
  • Duo/Multichrome was 7%
  • Jelly & Frost tied at 4%
  • Glitter, Opalescent & Metallic tied at 1%
  • Sheer & Foil didn’t rank

Now I love a good creme, don’t get me wrong, but I expected shimmer to win this one. It seems to me that there are SO many more shimmers out there than cremes, but maybe that’s why creme’s win out! It’s harder to find a good creme so when people do they cherish and love it! I love both almost equally, it just depends on my mood. I hope you enjoyed this survey and will continue to tune in for more fun stuff. In the next month or so I plan on doing another really great contest, so keep posted!!

Vamp it up!

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Swatches Coming Soon!

Hey there fellow Vampies! Sorry I have been totally slacking off in the posting arena lately. I have been slammed at work but am now finally done with all the majah projects and can focus back on things I actually LIKE to do! This weekend I plan on swatching the following:

Butter LONDON – Thames
Butter LONDON – Prince’s Plums
Butter LONDON – Tramp Stamp
And hopefully 3 Superstar Nail Lacquers, depending on when they get here!

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already, please take my survey!

Nail Polish Survey!

Good evening Vampies! I created a little survey and I would love for you to participate! Please click the link below and take the survey. I will post results in about a week or so. Thanks!