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Happy Labor Day!

2014 07 07 633 GST

Today is Labor Day in the US which means I’m doing NO labor!

See you tomorrow. :)

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Pupdate: Volume 10


Age 6-7 months

I cannot believe it’s been one year today since we adopted Parker! And LOOK HOW LITTLE he was!! He is like horse-sized now. :D

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My Favorite Mascaras

My Favorite Mascaras

I’ve been wanting to do a post about my favorite mascaras for awhile but I was waiting until I could re-purchase one of them. Since I finally got around to doing that, today you will find out what I love the most (at the moment)!

There are seven mascaras that I am currently having an affair with. That might seem like a lot, but hey, I’m a Gemini and I get bored easily. ;)

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GODIVA Event in San Francisco


Last week I had quite the task weighing upon my shoulders. I wasn’t sure I could manage it, it seemed so hard. What was the task? Tasting chocolate! Ok I lied, it wasn’t hard in any way, shape or form. ;)

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Purple Hair!

Purple hair 7-31-14

I have purple hair, yes indeed!

I am currently in the process of growing out my pixie and it’s a daily struggle. I fight the urge to cut it super short constantly. But you see, I haven’t had hair past my shoulders in 20 years, so I am really curious to see how long I can get it, and also what it will look like now.

In order for me to NOT cut it again I needed to do something interesting. Awhile back I was thinking about doing a pale pastel pink but then I decided nah, I want lavender!

Purple hair 7-31-14-2

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