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Happy Veterans Day

Veterans day badge

Today in the USA is Veterans Day, which is a day to honor all those who have served in the armed forces.

Many people in the US confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day which annoys me, so let’s clear this up. Memorial Day honors those who have died serving their country. Veterans Day honors those who are still alive. You can celebrate Veterans Day and say “Happy Veterans Day” but please don’t go around saying “Happy Memorial Day” because that’s like saying “Happy funeral!”

Having said all that I would like to say Happy Veterans Day to Mr. VV who served in the Air Force for eight years. :)

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Depression Awareness Month

Green ribbon candle

It’s October which means it’s Depression Awareness Month. And you know, unlike the other big “awareness” cause going on this month, which is Breast Cancer Awareness, I think we actually do still need awareness for depression. Everyone is aware of breast cancer now, so we need money to go to finding a cure, not awareness. But so many people still do not get what depression actually is.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a couple years or follow me on social media, you know this is an issue I have dealt with in the past. I wrote about here, here and here in case you are interested.

Here comes the “awareness ” part. Clinical depression isn’t a mood. It isn’t the feeling when you fail a big test in school. It’s not the feeling of disappointment when you don’t get that job offer you wanted. It’s not the feeling you have every time you listen to The Cure. It’s a clinically diagnosed illness that disrupts your ability to go about normal life for weeks, months or even years. It doesn’t go away when you pet a cat. It doesn’t stop if you watch a funny movie, or get out of the house. Nothing can lift it except getting help from a professional and/or taking medications.

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What Always Makes You Feel Better?

Hot Tub Image

When you are feeling mentally or physically down, what always, without fail, makes you feel better?

For me the answer is being in water. It could be a shower, a bath, a hot tub, an ocean or a swimming pool. Just being in water always makes me feel a little better no matter how sick I might be. I swear would take 3 showers a day if it wasn’t ridiculously wasteful!

Even when I had a cast from my foot all the way up to the top of my thigh for 6 weeks when I was a teen, I took a shower every single day. Even when I could barely make it out of bed with depression two years ago, I always took a shower. Just sitting in the bottom of the tub with warm water running over me made me feel somehow slightly better.

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Happy Labor Day!

2014 07 07 633 GST

Today is Labor Day in the US which means I’m doing NO labor!

See you tomorrow. :)

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Pupdate: Volume 10


Age 6-7 months

I cannot believe it’s been one year today since we adopted Parker! And LOOK HOW LITTLE he was!! He is like horse-sized now. :D

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