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Friday Question!

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Hey guys, happy Friday!

So yet again I failed at doing a Friday Favorites because I have been really busy this week. But never fear, I have a fun question for you instead. :)

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What Product Do You Feel Is Overhyped?

Woman Hairspray

Oh hello there. It feels like forever since I posted but it was just yesterday! Sorry it’s been slow on my end, I’ve been trying to get rid of a cold so I’ve been doing a lot of couch-surfing the last couple days. I need to get well because on Friday I am going to Cat Town with a friend. Yes indeed, this is the US’s first cat cafe where they have cats living there who need adopting. I think this is such a great idea because it’s a much better environment for them than a shelter. Of course my cats are going to kill me when they catch a whiff of me when I get home…I promise to take lots of pics and post them on my Instagram!

Ok so are there any beauty products you finally tried after hearing about them forever but you were completely unimpressed by them? I can think of a few but one that really stands out for me is L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

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Friday Question


‘Tis the time of the Gemini, which I happen to be!

Do you believe in astrology and what your sign meaning says about you? Does it match? I am a firm believer in science, however I do have many of the traits that they say Geminis have such as:

  • I often see both sides of an issue
  • I change my mind on a whim
  • I am restless and get bored very easily
  • I *think* I am a fun companion

Friday Question

Woman reading


How was your week? Mine started off kind of “meh” but then got much better. The weather was nice and hot for a few days, which I love. I cannot believe some places in the US/Canada are still freezing cold in May. I am hoping you guys get some warmth very soon!

Right now I am hanging out with what I consider my very best friend, who I have known since I was 11! We are traveling around our old stomping grounds in Berkeley, where we grew up. :)

What are you reading lately?

I had started a new one from Jerry Stahl called Happy Mutant Baby Pills, but I just couldn’t get into it right now. I love most of his other books, but I wasn’t feeling this one at the moment.

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Friday Question!

Makeup Collection

I think like me, many of you are nail polish and/or makeup “collectors” right? I never intended to start collecting makeup or nail polish but it just kind of wound up that way.

I think the first collection I had was MAC Lipsticks. Since I discovered them 20+ years ago I became obsessed with their lipstick. I still think they have the best lipstick line out there. So over the last 20+ years I have always had about 75-100 MAC lipsticks at any given time! Then slowly my nail polish collection started growing. Then I started blogging and everything EXPLODED into chaos, haha!

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