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Nail Art Wednesdays with Let Them Have Polish – How To: Easy Color Drips

Nail Art Image

It’s Wednesday again, which means another cool nail art tutorial from Cris at Let Them Have Polish! Enjoy!


Hello lovely readers!! Today I want to share a break down of one of the very first nail art techniques I ever tried, DRIPS! Drip manis create the effect of melting colors, think of melted crayon art. I’ve always found these really neat and easy to create. As with most techniques I share, the drip look comes with endless possibilities.

I love how drip manis look, and there are about 1,342 ways in which one can achieve this neat effect. With that said, I want to focus on the method I find easiest and quickest. Step one, of course, is to choose your base color. For this tutorial I went with KBShimmer Stark Raven Mad. Isn’t she a beauty? Though not completely necessary, I do suggest top coating your base color to aid in dry time as well, as protecting the base while working on your drips.

KBS Stark raven mad

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Nail Art Wednesdays with Let Them Have Polish – How to: Blocked Moon Manicure

Nail Art Image

Look who’s back! I am super excited to be bringing back Nail Art Wednesdays with Let Them Have Polish.

Every other Wednesday, Cristina will be showing us a different nail art tutorial right here. So let’s get started with the amazingness!


Completed Moons 1

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Fishtail Mani Using OCC Nail Lacquer (Don’t Laugh)

OCC Nail Lacquer

I’ve been on a nail art kick lately, trying to do some new designs I haven’t tried before. This time around I decided on trying the fishtail mani, as some like to call it.

Once again I used the tutorial that Sarah from Chalkboard Nails did because it seemed like an easy, fairly straight-forward method.

The colors I decided to use were from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and are called Dangerous, Something and Wasabi. I think these three shades go together perfectly!

OCC Dangerous

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Blue, Pink and Black Leopard Spot Mani

Blue-Pink-Black Leopard Spot Mani

In the mood for nail art the other day I decided to push myself a bit and do a pattern I had never tried: leopard spots.

One of my go-to resources for nail art tutorials is Chalkboard Nails. Sarah has great photos and explanations of how to do many different nail art patterns, so I watched this video and followed the instructions. It worked really well I think!

This isn’t really a tutorial but I did take some (iPhone 5S) photos along the way. Sorry for the quality, they aren’t meant to be blown up this large.

Blue-Pink-Black Leopard Spot Mani-1

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Cat Fur Manicure Tutorial

Cat Fur Manicure How-To

Good morning!

Today I’ve got a perfect manicure for those who might be a little, oh I don’t know, avant garde or daring. It’s what I call a Cat Fur Manicure. It’s actually not as time consuming as a lot of nail tutorials out there, which is a good thing for someone as impatient as I am. It can take a little practice though!

So what do you need for this tutorial? Not much. All you need is a base coat, some nostril scissors (or other small scissors will work) and some cat fur!

Cat Fur Manicure-4

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