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Cat Fur Manicure Tutorial

Cat Fur Manicure How-To

Good morning!

Today I’ve got a perfect manicure for those who might be a little, oh I don’t know, avant garde or daring. It’s what I call a Cat Fur Manicure. It’s actually not as time consuming as a lot of nail tutorials out there, which is a good thing for someone as impatient as I am. It can take a little practice though!

So what do you need for this tutorial? Not much. All you need is a base coat, some nostril scissors (or other small scissors will work) and some cat fur!

Cat Fur Manicure-4

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St. Patrick’s Day Dot Manicure for 2014

St. Patrick's Day Dot Manicure

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today we celebrate the patron saint of Ireland named Saint Patrick. I’m not religious in any way, shape or form however I have always loved this holiday because I love all things Irish and green! I’m not sure I have any Irish in my blood. I know I have Hungarian, Scottish, English and possibly Czechoslovakian in me though, so that’s close enough, haha. ;)

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Happy Fourth of July with Zoya and Cult Nails!

Fourth of July Mani

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans!

I already did one manicure to celebrate the 4th but decided to do another one using all dots this time. I loved the way Zoya Song looked with the white creme, so I added another metallic with this one.

This was a mish mosh of Cult Nails Tempest with Zoya Song and Elisa. Tempest is an excellent white creme with nary a streak, and it covers completely in just two coats.

Fourth of July Mani-2

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Fourth of July Manicure with Pure Ice Stars & Stripes and Zoya Song

Fourth of July Mani 2013

I’ve been getting in the mood for the Fourth of July and decided to play around with the Pure Ice Stars & Stripes collection with the metallic blue Zoya Song thrown in for good measure.

I knew for sure I wanted to use Pure Ice Superstar! (white creme) and Siren (red creme) and definitely Freedom, which is a red/blue and star glitter bomb. But I also wanted the perfect blue and one with a non-creme finish. Zoya Song fit the bill!

Fourth of July Mani 2013 Bottles

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Misa Skinny Dipping and a Lesson Learned

Misa Skinny Dipping with Peacock Sticker

TGIF party people!

Ok so you may have noticed I haven’t done a Question of the Week post for a bit. I wasn’t getting much response from them as of late and quite frankly always trying to think of a question when my mind was blank wasn’t working. So I figured it was time to end them. Sort of. Instead I decided I will post questions when I think of good ones or do other short posts like this. I figured most of you like seeing photos instead of a random question anyway, so win-win!

So this mani started out with good intentions but then my impatience and lack of foresight won out and kinda ruined it.

This is Misa Skinny Dipping, which is one of my favorites by them. It is a bit sheer and a definite three-coater but damn it’s pretty.

I wanted to do a “peacock mani” using this and some peacock feather stickers I recently was sent from Kim at Overall Beauty. The stickers are so pretty!

Peacock nail stickers

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