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Wearable Summer Blue Eye Look for Summer from Phyrra!

Hi there! I’m Phyrra, from the beauty blog I wanted to do a wearable summer blue look for Kelly.

Many people are afraid to wear blue eyeshadow. The key to wearing blue is to pick a blue that flatters you. You can choose a blue-green, a blue-grey or a blue-violet. I chose a blue-green shade named Ozma (described as a pearlized aqua blue) from the Tarina Tarantino Emerald Pretty Eyeshadow Palette. To go with Ozma, I picked Urban Decay Freelove, a stunning golden peach, since it gives a more natural looking crease shade. You can watch the video tutorial to see how I applied everything.

Ozma eye

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Guest Post Featuring Phyrra!

Hi there! I’m Phyrra from and today I wanted to show you a cute little mani I did with some nail art pens and tooth picks.

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Illamasqua Purple Smoke Eye Quad Review by Guest Blogger Helen from Just Nice Things

Hailing from the UK, I am very proud of some of our “home-grown” brands, of which Illamasqua is one. I’ve been interested in the company and its products ever since its birth in 2009, and have been lucky enough to attend various masterclasses, events and product launches. Indeed, I even had one of Illamasqua’s own make-up artists (the fabulous Halimah Haque) do my wedding make-up last year.

At the moment, everyone over here is getting pretty excited about the impending Spring/Summer 2011 collection (Toxic Nature), which will be previewed in the first week of March. It’s always exciting to see what Alex Box is going to come up with next, and from what I’ve heard of the new collection, we aren’t going to be disappointed. But in the meantime, let me show you one of my favourite items from the core collection.

Purple Smoke is an eye quad that I actually purchased at the IMATS expo last month. I love, love, love purples. In fact, show me a beauty blogger who says they don’t love purple, and I’ll show you a fibber. Although I’ll pretty much wear any old shade that takes my mood, I return to these colours more than anything else. More interesting than taupes and browns, and (just about!) subtle enough for work.

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An Nfu-Oh So Sexy Mani by Guest Blogger Jasmine from Colour Coated

So, let me start off by saying that I’m severely limited when it comes to doing anything fancy with nail polish. Me and nail art do not get along, and I’m envious of those who are crafty enough to do it well. That being said, I’ve recently been in love with the look of gradient manicures and decided to take a chance and try my hand at them.

I had a hard time of it at first because they work best if you use a jelly polish that is thin and build-able. As I am not a fan of thin nail polishes that need a zillion coats to become opaque, they are few and far in my polish collection.  Thus I decided to postpone any further experimenting with gradation until I could buy a suitable polish to do the trick.

Then recently when I was at work showing off my nails-freshly painted with Nfu-Oh 52-to a coworker whose nails were painted with China Glaze Sexy In The City, it hit me: I could probably do an awesome gradient mani with these two colors!

First of all, Sexy In The  City is a vibrant blue/teal packed with shimmer. Love it. Nfu-Oh 52 , which if you’ve haven’t had the joy of experiencing it, is 1) a super amazingly gorgeous polish, and 2) a jelly (with lovely flakies) that you have to build up to get the best color pay off.

Helloooo Mcfly! Why hadn’t I realized it before?

Anyhow, as soon as I got home I tested out my theory, and Voila! Beauty was born! Peep the pics:

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NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Kuala Lumpur Review by Guest Blogger Krystal from Polish Galore

NARS Duo Eyeshadow products claim to be richly pigmented, long-wearing and crease-resistant.  You can purchase them at Sephora for $32-$33 a piece, so at nearly $17 an eyeshadow, I expect to be absolutely satisfied, with loads of pigment and glitter on my eyes.

They come in a mini mirrored compact in complementary shades, taking out any guess work of what colors work well with others.


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