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Lime Green Nail Polish Smackdown

Lime Green Smackdown

Why hello there and welcome to my lime green nail polish smackdown!

Recently I had this urge to gather up all my lemon-lime and/or lime green nail shades to look at them together. I love this shade and it seems to be a pretty popular one this season. Aside from olive green, which you KNOW I love, I think this type of green is my second favorite kind of green nail shade. I could BASK in this color all day! It makes me happy. :D

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195 MAC Lip Swatches Just for Fun

I am a sucker for a collage. The other day I was scrolling through all the photos I have taken and I decided I wanted to create one for some of my zillions of MAC lip swatches. So here you go!

Oh and you can ask me which is what color and I will try to answer you correctly, but it might take me some time. They are all totally random and I didn’t really track the names in the collages.

MAC Lipstick Collage-2

MAC Lipstick Collage-3

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Note: Not cruelty free

Pupdate Vol. 8

Parker 5-5-2014

Hello there! It’s been a bit since I did a pupdate on Parker so I thought I would fill you in on the latest puppy news.

Overall things have been most excellent with him. He’s gotten GIGANTIC! He’s now 63 pounds – he was 42 pounds when we got him in August. But it’s not fat folks, he’s super tall and super thin. He’s now about a year and 4 or 5 months old.

He is getting so good at catching his ball and Frisbee mid-air. He jumps crazy high into the air now. I really want to catch this on camera but since I am always the one throwing the toy and operating the camera, it’s kind of difficult.

He also has that super intense Border Collie stare when I have his ball/toy in my hand and I love that! :D

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April Giveaway!

April Giveaway

Happy Thursday afternoon!

It’s almost Friday so I thought I would throw a little giveaway for you. Sound like a plan?

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Friday Question!

Makeup Collection

I think like me, many of you are nail polish and/or makeup “collectors” right? I never intended to start collecting makeup or nail polish but it just kind of wound up that way.

I think the first collection I had was MAC Lipsticks. Since I discovered them 20+ years ago I became obsessed with their lipstick. I still think they have the best lipstick line out there. So over the last 20+ years I have always had about 75-100 MAC lipsticks at any given time! Then slowly my nail polish collection started growing. Then I started blogging and everything EXPLODED into chaos, haha!

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