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Erin Condren 2014-2015 Life Planner Platinum Edition Turquoise Review

Erin Condren Life Planner

Not too long ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a photo of this beautiful looking planner. I learned it was from Erin Condren, and soon I fell into an obsession with owning one!

Actually I have been obsessed with office supplies, calendars, notebooks and planners as long as I have been alive. I can’t even tell you how many planners, notebooks and Post-it notes I own, it’s kind of embarrassing. But I’ve never owned one as pretty as this one, I can tell you that!

There are quite a few designs of the Life Planners you can choose from, but my favorite was the Platinum foil edition in the color turquoise. These foil planners come in both gold or platinum and are more costly than the regular ones because they are actually hand-stamped using a heart and pressure technique similar to letterpress printing.

Erin Condren Life Planner-2

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10 Things That Always Make Me Happy

Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil

1. A freshly washed face after a long day.

2. New or freshly washed bedding.

3. Being in water – doesn’t matter if it’s a shower, bath, hot tub, swimming pool, lake or ocean!


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Lime Green Nail Polish Smackdown

Lime Green Smackdown

Why hello there and welcome to my lime green nail polish smackdown!

Recently I had this urge to gather up all my lemon-lime and/or lime green nail shades to look at them together. I love this shade and it seems to be a pretty popular one this season. Aside from olive green, which you KNOW I love, I think this type of green is my second favorite kind of green nail shade. I could BASK in this color all day! It makes me happy. 😀

Ok that’s enough, Kelly.

So when it all boils down to it, I don’t think I have any dupes here. In fact these colors are kind of all over the map. What I wound up with are twelve shades that are either lemon-limes, lime greens or very close to those shades.

Some are older photos, so please forgive for the bad quality.

Lime Green Nail Polish Smackdown

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195 MAC Lip Swatches Just for Fun

I am a sucker for a collage. The other day I was scrolling through all the photos I have taken and I decided I wanted to create one for some of my zillions of MAC lip swatches. So here you go!

Oh and you can ask me which is what color and I will try to answer you correctly, but it might take me some time. They are all totally random and I didn’t really track the names in the collages.

MAC Lipstick Collage-2

MAC Lipstick Collage-3

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Note: Not cruelty free

Pupdate Vol. 8

Parker 5-5-2014

Hello there! It’s been a bit since I did a pupdate on Parker so I thought I would fill you in on the latest puppy news.

Overall things have been most excellent with him. He’s gotten GIGANTIC! He’s now 63 pounds – he was 42 pounds when we got him in August. But it’s not fat folks, he’s super tall and super thin. He’s now about a year and 4 or 5 months old.

He is getting so good at catching his ball and Frisbee mid-air. He jumps crazy high into the air now. I really want to catch this on camera but since I am always the one throwing the toy and operating the camera, it’s kind of difficult.

He also has that super intense Border Collie stare when I have his ball/toy in my hand and I love that! 😀

Parker 5-5-2014-2

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