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Beauty Regrets – What Are Yours?

Retro woman crying

We all have them – beauty regrets. Maybe it’s a horrible home dye-job. Maybe it’s plucking your eyebrows into microscopically thin lines. Maybe it’s wearing dark eyeshadow all the way up to your brow-bone. Maybe it’s wearing frosty pink Barbie lipstick. By the way, I have done all of these AND much more!

But the one thing I am regretting the most lately is the fact that I never wore sunscreen on my hands and neck. I was always so good about covering my face year-round with sunscreen. Ever since I was around 22 I have been very careful about that. But somehow I managed to forget about my neck and hands, and now I am seeing the results of that. Especially in my hands. In fact if they aren’t lotioned up 100% of the time I feel like they look like 85 year old hands! I am greatly exaggerating that of course, but I really do feel like my hands give away my age more than my face does.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Image

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you celebrate the day, I hope you a wonderful time and eat a ton of delicious food.

Here are some things I am thankful for this year:

  • My overall good health
  • My husband, step-daughter and family
  • My animals!
  • My close friends
  • Living in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • All the people who have decided I am interesting enough to follow on my blog/social media channels
  • Books, good TV shows, movies and music
  • Coffee and flavored creamer


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What Product Do You Feel Is Overhyped?

Woman Hairspray

Oh hello there. It feels like forever since I posted but it was just yesterday! Sorry it’s been slow on my end, I’ve been trying to get rid of a cold so I’ve been doing a lot of couch-surfing the last couple days. I need to get well because on Friday I am going to Cat Town with a friend. Yes indeed, this is the US’s first cat cafe where they have cats living there who need adopting. I think this is such a great idea because it’s a much better environment for them than a shelter. Of course my cats are going to kill me when they catch a whiff of me when I get home…I promise to take lots of pics and post them on my Instagram!

Ok so are there any beauty products you finally tried after hearing about them forever but you were completely unimpressed by them? I can think of a few but one that really stands out for me is L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray.

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Happy Halloween!


Just a quick HAPPY HALLOWEEN for those who celebrate my favorite holiday!

Hope you have a spooky, creepy, fabulous and safe day/night!


Let’s Talk TV


Can we talk new and returning TV shows for fall for a minute?

Pretty much everything new has started by now and many of my old favorites have come back. So this is a list of new shows I am currently watching and old faves that I have tuned into again.

The Mysteries of Laura – Loving this show because it reminds me of the Janet Evanovich Plum Series books, and I love Debra Messing in everything she does.

The Walking Dead – Of course I am watching this again! It’s been really good this season so far!

Selfie – A new show and I am alll over it. If you are into social media you will probably love it too. It’s cute, current and the main actress (from Dr. Who, which incidentally I have never seen) is in it.

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