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From the Archives: Benefit Showoffs!

Once upon a time in the mid to late 1990’s Benefit had a product called Showoffs! They came in little tubes and were loose powders that you could use as eye shadows or under eye shadow or liner to bump up the color, or really anywhere you wanted!

From what I remember they came in maybe 5 or 6 shades and I had three of them. I still have two and I love them as much now as I did then.

Benefit Showoffs

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From The Archives: Nubar Raspberry Truffle

Happy Black Friday! I don’t know about you, but I think those people who get up to go shopping at 4:00 am are out of their minds! There is simply no deal that great for me to get up that early, besides most of those deals will be the same online on Cyber Monday anyway. :)

Anyway, as I was looking through my brown nail colors I came across this beauty that I had kind of forgotten about. Nubar Raspberry Truffle. This was one of my favs from their Chocolate Truffles collection. Continue reading »

From The Archives: Np2 Cosmic Ray

Welcome to a new series called “From The Archives”.

As you may know I recently did a poll asking what kind of features you might want to see on my site. This idea scored the highest with 45% of the votes. That doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any of the other features though; I think I will add them all eventually.

I am not going to say whether this will be a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly feature because if I say it, I guarantee it won’t happen. I’m horrible with deadlines, so I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep.

Basically these will just be quickie posts featuring one product from the past that I may or may not have featured already on here. It’s all about whatever is inspiring me at the moment or maybe a product I am loving or perhaps even something I forgot I owned and have re-discovered (it happens with age)! 😉

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