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Orange Style Collage

Orange, coral and tangerine are always popular in the summer time and it makes perfect sense. They’re bright and the color of the sun after-all! This year even Pantone decided to make Tangerine Tango, a reddish orange their official pick for 2012.

I was never much into orange until a few years ago. I don’t know why but I always assumed it would look bad on me. Some do actually if they have too much yellow in them, but the warmer or reddish tones are great! I’m now really into a lot of the tangerine and coral nail polish shades out there especially.

Here are some cool items in various shades of orange that I am really loving!

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Green Style Collage

Ahhh green. The color of spring. The color of summer. A color that covers so many shades. Mint green. Kelly green. Olive green. Emerald green. Celedon green. Grass green. Forest green. Army green.

I never used to be a huge green fan but this last 3-4 years it’s definitely become one of my favorite colors for nail polish, eyeshadows and clothing. I love pretty much all shades of green but am especially drawn to olive and army green shades. But how I love a beautiful mint or mermaid-y green also!

I happen to have hundreds of green nail polishes, so for this collage I chose a few of my favorite newer ones that are various shades of the color of envy. 😉

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Summer Blues Style Collage


Recently I have become obsessed with collages depicting certain colors. I figured I would start a new series of sorts showing some nail polish and/or other makeup swatches alongside some clothing and accessory items all in the same color family.

First up is blue!

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