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Urban Decay Nail Color for Fall 2013 Swatches and Review

Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice and Addicted

Good Monday morning all! I have something for you that many of you have been wanting for a LONG time – Urban Decay Nail Color is back!

These two shades for fall 2013 are limited edition and fabulous. They will be launching two new limited edition colors each season in the larger sized bottles in shades that reflect that season. This time it’s Vice and Addiction.

The bottles are extremely cool and you might want these for the bottles alone! They feature a shiny gunmetal cap and each one is topped off with a skull with roses in the eyes.

Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice and Addicted-2

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Anna Sui Nail Color Swatches and Review

Anna Sui Nail Color

These Anna Sui Nail Color shades just might be contained in the cutest bottles ever! Actually that isn’t true but I can’t tell you why yet. 😉 But guess what else? These are rose scented!

These cute little polished ladies come in small 0.27 oz bottles with a black lacquered dress sitting atop their glass ruffled skirts. The whole black top unscrews off and attached is the wand. You might think this would be rather awkward to hold and apply nail polish with but it’s actually not bad at all. The bottles remind me a bit of the Nfu Oh ones, but they are definitely different.

She currently has about seventeen shades, a gel top coat and various nail stickers. This is my first experience with Anna Sui anything I believe! I don’t know why I never tried anything out before, I guess maybe because it’s not super accessible in person.

So what did I think about these?

Anna Sui Nail Color-2
905, 803, 100

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

Orly Melodious Utopia

Orly Melodious Utopia

Orly Melodious Utopia came out with their spring Hope and Freedom Fest Collection.

It was a shade I initially passed on when I ordered the others online. Why? I have no idea but I recently bought it at Ulta and even though it was a real PITA to work with I still love it.

Orly Melodious Utopia Bottle

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Beautifully Disney Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Beautifully Disney Nail Polish

Last week whilst at Disneyworld, I was wandering around a store in one of the parks (I think in Magic Kingdom) and came across a display of Beautifully Disney makeup. I had no idea they sold any makeup or nail polish there, so I was kind of pumped up!

They have eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses but most importantly eight Beautifully Disney nail polish shades. I looked at everything carefully but passed them up.

A couple days later we were back in another store (this time in Animal Kingdom) and I saw the display again. Once again I picked up the green and purple nail polishes that kind of called my name and decided to not pass them up. So glad I didn’t because they are both great.

Beautifully Disney Makeup

Beautifully Disney Ocean Mist Bottle
Ocean Mist

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a-england Burne-Jones Dream Swatches and Review

a-england Burne-Jones Dream

a-england Burne-Jones Dream is a new collection featuring four amazing holographic shimmery shades (with a 5th to come!).

But who is Edward Burne-Jones? He was a British painter who did a series of painting between 1885-1890 called The Legend Of Briar Rose. I happen to think this makes an excellent inspiration for a-england nail shades!

As usual with this brand the formula is so incredibly perfect. One coat seems like it will be too sheer, but after the second completely creamy one, everything is opaque, even and perfect.

a-england Burne-Jones Dream-2
Clockwise: Rose Bower, Fated Prince, Briar Rose, Sleeping Palace

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