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Precision Oasis Collection Swatches and Review

Precision Oasis

The Précision Oasis collection features six subdued mellow shades, but don’t be fooled, there are some stunners in here!

It’s been quite awhile since I have reviewed any shades from Précision. Since 2009 in fact! They are a really great brand but not super easy to find. I’ve never seen them in person, but you can find them online. And the price is definitely right!

Précision has been in business for 30 years now. They have over 80 shades and are big 3-free and cruelty free.

Precision Sandstorm

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Note: Cruelty free

Misa I Do Collection for Spring 2013 Swatches & Review

Misa I Do Collection

The Misa I Do Collection is new this spring and perfect for the upcoming busy wedding season!

This collection features six new shades, mostly sheer, soft, yet buildable at the same time. It might not be the most electric, exciting collection of colors on earth, but they are all really pretty nonetheless.

The formula was mostly really thick yet not hard to work with. Most were three coats.

Misa Kiss the Bride
Kiss the Bride

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Note: Cruelty free

Deborah Lippmann True Blood Bad Things Mini Nail Lacquer Trio Swatches, Photos & Review

Deborah Lippmann Bad Things Mini Nail Lacquer Trio

Finally we have reached the third and final of the Deborah Lippmann True Blood nail lacquer sets. This one is called Bad Things Mini Nail Lacquer Trio and it comes with, you guessed it, three mini nail colors.

The colors in this set are pretty spot on. I could definitely see them in the show in various ways. Obviously New Flesh reminds me of a vamp chomping down on “fresh meat”. Strange Love reminds me of a shade either Sookie would wear OR possibly even Pam (my fav character). And of course Bad Blood is a deep red bloody shade.

Deborah Lippmann Bad Things Mini Nail Lacquer Trio 3
Bad Blood, Strange Love, New Flesh

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Megan Miller Collection Swatches & Review

Megan Miller Collection

The Megan Miller Collection of nail polishes was started with a vision of “rustic, natural elegance”. Each polish comes in a custom designed round bottle with an eco-friendly cork top. Each bottle is tied with a natural Raffia ribbon as well, making them super cute and unique compared to any other brand out there.

Megan Miller is a cruelty free brand, made in the USA, and big-three free as well.

There are currently just ten shades offered but they come in creme, shimmery and sheer finishes.

Megan Miller Collection 2

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OPI New York City Ballet Collection Swatches & Review

New York City Ballet by OPI is a new spring collection featuring five new SoftShades and a sparkly glitter.

What goes better than ballet and these sheer soft colors? Pretty much nothing. When I think of the ballet these are the exact colors I think of. Tutus, ballet slippers, lace, satiny costumes…

They are soft and sheer, and I know a lot of people, usually including myself, don’t love sheers. But these really appealed to me when I saw promo pics for whatever reason.

Because these are all sheers they were prone to some unevenness, which I didn’t love. But they were super shiny and flattering nonetheless. Perfect for days when you need a clean nice look without loads of obviousness.

I used three thin coats for all the colors, and for Pirouette My Whistle (the silver glitter) I used just one coat.

Don’t Touch My Tutu

Don’t Touch My Tutu is a sheer white.

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