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Picture Polish Ozotic 903 Swatches, Photos & Review

Ozotic Sugar Bottle 3

Picture Polish has some new Ozotic shades out called “Sugar” finishes. Basically these are super shimmery, multi-chrome top coats that are meant to look like iced sugar atop your nails. And they kind of do!

These come in four shades right now which are 901 (pink), 902 (purple), 903 (light blue) and 904 (yellow).

Ozotic Sugar 903 Bottle

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Cult Nails Deceptive Collection Swatches & Review

Cult Nails has a new(ish) limited edition collection out called Deceptive. Deceptive features five new color-shifting top coats.

These top coats are all kind of awesome because you can get so many different looks from just one bottle, depending on the base color. For simple purposes, I showed them all over Cult Nails Nevermore, which is an excellent jet black creme (not included in the set of five).

For all of these swatches I used just two coats of Nevermore and one coat of the top coat.

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Deborah Lippmann Sookie Sookie True Blood Set Swatches, Photos & Review

Deborah Lippmann Sookie Sookie True Blood Set

The Deborah Lippmann True Blood Sookie Sookie Set features two new limited edition nail lacquers, inspired by HBO’s True Blood series.

This time instead of deep blood reds we get subtler colors. Sweeter. You know, just like Sookie herself. 😉

I’ll be honest. I was HOOKED on True Blood the first three seasons. Then after season 4  I got really bored with them adding so many fantasy creatures. Then I canceled HBO. But now I have it again so I might see if season 5 is worth watching.

Deborah Lippmann Sookie Sookie True Blood Set 3jpg
Fairydust, Human Nature

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Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish for Fall/Winter 2012 Swatches & Review

Essence has a new Colour & Go nail polish collection for this fall/winter which features eighteen new shades.

This is my first ever experience with Essence nail polish. I love how the bottle caps are the same color and finish as what’s inside the bottle! The brush is also a new style than previously. It’s a wider brush which is supposed to distribute the color more evenly and quickly than before. It reminds me a bit of the Wet n Wild MegaLast brushes but not quite as wide.

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Glitter Gal Shade Shifter, Transitions and Opal Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Glitter Gal Australia has some new nail polishes out with cool new finishes. These polishes can be worn alone or over other colors to add dimension and different depths of color.

Shade Shifters – These come in either a smooth or glittery finish.
Opals – Light and soft on their own, or layer over a dark color for super impact.
Transitions – Very sheer worn alone or wear over other colors for a cool effect.

There are a few new shades in each of these categories, and I’ve got a few of them for ya now!

Transitions Soft Blue

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