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Urban Decay Naked Nail Kit Swatches & Review

Urban Decay Naked Nail Kit

Happy Monday!

Today I’ve got the latest from Urban Decay which is the Naked Nail Kit. This kit features six new mini-bottles that were inspired by their Naked palette.

Urban Decay Naked Nail Kit 2

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Color Club Alter Ego Reveal Your Mystery Collection for Spring 2011 Swatches & Review

Color Club Reveal Your Mystery is the lighter and more subtle side of their 12 piece collection called Alter Ego.

Yesterday I showed you Keep It Undercover, which I think is definitely the stronger and more fun half.

The formula on these was a bit better in terms of thickness and stickiness. These flowed better and were nicer, though on the negative side, they were extremely sheer and didn’t build up as much as I hoped.

This collection comes with a milky white base coat, which is pretty sheer in itself, but I didn’t use it in these swatches. Maybe that would have helped with the streakiness though…


Incognito is a super sheer nude. Basically it has barely any color, it just gives a very nude and shiny look to your nails. This was two coats.

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Zoya Bela Nail Lacquer Swatch and Giveaway!

Have you seen Black Swan yet? If not, RUN DON’T WALK to theaters! No really, it was hands down the best movie I had seen all year in 2010, I loved it. But why am I mentioning this movie in a post about Zoya nail polish? Why because this little baby was in the movie!

There is a scene where Natalie Portman is backstage in the dressing room (it’s about the Swan Lake ballet people, get with the times) and there on the table sits Zoya Bela, basking in her ballet-pink glow. :)

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Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish Summer 2010 Swatches & Review

Hump day!

After today we are more than halfway through the week, yay! Actually I am off work the rest of this week because of A. Carpet installation Thursday (aka Hell Day) and B. My bday Friday (aka Fun Day). :)

Aaaaaannnnnyyywaaaayyyy, I have some colors I think 99.9% of earth has already seen at this point, but hey, I have ’em, why not show ’em?

These are some new (ish) Sally Hansen’s from the Salon Manicure line. I believe these are classified as a summer collection. Either way I’M classifying them that way because they came out in time for summer.

Without further adieu, here goes.

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Eyeko Nail Polish for Summer 2010 Swatches & Review

Haaaaayyyyy people!

So it’s Tuesday and the beginning of the work week for me. Yay for four day work weeks; why aren’t they ALL this way? :)

Eyeko Makeup has a new collection of nail colors for summer and I’ve got them for you today.

I have reviewed some of their polish in the past here and here and had issues with the thickness and streakiness of the formula. I am pleased to say that this collection was MUCH better. The newer bottle shape is loads better (though the original shape was cute) and the light colors here are better than the previous pastel colors.

Peep ’em out below.

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