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KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

KB Shimmer Summer 2013

Hello there people of the world. How are you on this fine day?

Perhaps you have heard of KB Shimmer Nail Polish? I had been hearing about it and seeing amazing swatches of the shades for awhile when I decided I needed to jump on this bandwagon. So today I’ve got six of the nine shades from the KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection.

Here is something I love right off the bat from the brand. They came with some instructions on how to apply some of the more “difficult” shades. I really appreciate this because sometimes you just can’t get a shade to look nice because oh say it has a satin finish and is supposed to dry matte but you don’t know that. It’s not always totally obvious how every nail polish finish should be just from applying it.

KB Shimmer Summer 2013-2
24 Carrot Bold, Don’t Pink Twice, Pimp My Pride

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Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Swatches and Review

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops is a new collection including six textured shades.

This limited edition collection features a shimmery sugar-like texture, glittery bits, and a matte finish. Some have more obvious glitter in them, making them stand out. Some have more of that fine sugar or sand like appearance.

The formula was pretty good for all of these. All of these covered nicely with just two coats. They dry quicker than a normal polish and do feel a bit gritty to the touch, as textured polishes will. If you want to keep the matte effect, no top coat!

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops-2

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Cult Nails In the Garden Collection Swatches and Review

Cult Nails In The Garden

Cult Nails In the Garden is a new spring collection featuring five new shades in various finishes.

In the Garden is really a perfect set of shades for spring. It’s very reminiscent of what is actually in MY garden blooming right this second!

There are three wax finish shades here, which dry matte. They are thicker and a bit harder to work with but not impossible. They look great either matte or with a top coat and I’ve shown you both below.

Cult Nails In The Garden-2

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Zoya PixieDust Swatches and Review

Zoya PixieDust

Zoya PixieDust is the latest collection from the brand for spring, and it’s not like anything we have seen from Zoya before – it’s textured!

Indeed, I think we are going to be seeing a whole ‘lotta textured polish in the near future, and I for one am on board!

PixieDust features six new shades in the pebbled, sand-like finish. It’s a rather fine texture, so no worries about your nails looking like they have large chunks of sand stuck to them! It’s finer and not as gritty as say the OPI Liquid Sand ones.

No base or top coat required, and you get a matte yet still sparkly finish. I used three coats on the first three shades, and then two coats on the last three (the darker shades).

Zoya PixieDust-2

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Mariah Carey by OPI Limited Edition Collection Swatches & Review

Mariah Carey by OPI

As you probably know by now Mariah Carey by OPI is a new limited edition eight-piece collection out for spring. This collection features eight shades, four of them being a new finish called Liquid Sand. What the what??

Liquid Sand is basically a glittery polish that gives you a textured sand-like finish. You don’t wear a top coat with it, so it’s pebbly and matte when it dries. Now normally I am not a fan of textured nails…but only when they aren’t meant to be textured. I honestly didn’t think I would like these, but I really do! I wore one of them right away after swatching it and really like it. It’s not as “snaggy” as I assumed either. In other words, I didn’t wind up with cat hairs attached to my nails at every turn. 😉

And just to toss this out into the world, I REALLY wish a big brand like OPI would partner with a non-pop artist one of these days for a collection. How about a Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson collection? Maybe A Perfect Circle could do one and it could be called “A Perfect Collection”? I dunno, but it would be cool I think to have some variety!

Mariah Carey by OPI 2
A Butterfly Moment, Pink Yet Lavender, Sprung, Anti-Bleak

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