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Urban Decay Nail Color for Fall 2013 Swatches and Review

Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice and Addicted

Good Monday morning all! I have something for you that many of you have been wanting for a LONG time – Urban Decay Nail Color is back!

These two shades for fall 2013 are limited edition and fabulous. They will be launching two new limited edition colors each season in the larger sized bottles in shades that reflect that season. This time it’s Vice and Addiction.

The bottles are extremely cool and you might want these for the bottles alone! They feature a shiny gunmetal cap and each one is topped off with a skull with roses in the eyes.

Urban Decay Nail Color in Vice and Addicted-2

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Zoya Irresistible for Summer 2013 Swatches and Review

Zoya Irresistible

Zoya Irresistible for summer 2013 features six shimmery metallic shades for your nails.

If you are looking for some super summery bright shades that cover completely with just two coats, look no further! I wasn’t completely convinced these would be two-coaters at first because every one was a little thin with just one coat. But then after two coats they were all pretty perfect and opaque. They dry fairly quickly because of the metallic finish.

Zoya Irresistible-2

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NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish Collection Swatches and Review

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish

The NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish collection is new and was inspired by his summer 2013 shoe collection. Yep, he’s a shoe designer! I had no idea who he was until I saw the press release. Oops.

What is super cute about this collection is that the nail polishes come in a mini “shoe box” and as a pair. Inside are two complementary shades and also a dust bag (which his shoes also come with). Cute idea!

There are six pairs in all to choose from.

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-2

This is how they look inside with the dust bag snug in the middle.

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A.dorn Nail Paint Swatches and Review

A.dorn Nail Paint

A.dorn Nail Paint is new boutique nail company that hails from southern California.

Their nail paints are vegan, cruelty free and toxin free. They manufacture, bottle and distribute right in California. They also use upcycled or recycled materials whenever possible for their store displays and packaging.

Right now they have about ten shades available for purchase and I’ve got two of them.

Or and Age of Aquarius

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Chick Polish for Spring 2013 Swatches & Review

Chick Polish

Hello there!

Today I’ve got five nail polishes from Chick, which are all big-3-free, cruelty free and vegan, by the by.

I believe four of these are new and one is slightly older. No matter, they are all pretty! Let’s dig in.

Chick Polish 2
Fairy Snot, Gr8 Gray Owl, Once Upon A Time

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