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Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for Summer 2013

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection

What up party people? Hope your Friday is going swimmingly thus far. I’m so glad it’s Friday aren’t you? It’s been a long hellishly hot week in the Bay Area this week. And by hot I don’t mean 78 degrees. Most people think San Francisco/Bay Area peeps are weather wimps (and we kinda are when it comes to cold weather) but I mean 95-100 at my house. Blech! I love me some hot weather but let’s try keeping it around 80-85 ok?

Speaking of hotness the new Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for summer 2013 features five new hot creme shades. It’s been a really long time since I reviewed Barielle. Maybe even three years?! They kind of fell off my radar but I think they are making somewhat of a comeback now.

The formula of these five was really, really good. Their cremes are really thick, but not in a bad way. They cover like a dream and you only need one to two coats. Fabulous!

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection-2

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Note: Cruelty free

Anna Sui Nail Color Swatches and Review

Anna Sui Nail Color

These Anna Sui Nail Color shades just might be contained in the cutest bottles ever! Actually that isn’t true but I can’t tell you why yet. 😉 But guess what else? These are rose scented!

These cute little polished ladies come in small 0.27 oz bottles with a black lacquered dress sitting atop their glass ruffled skirts. The whole black top unscrews off and attached is the wand. You might think this would be rather awkward to hold and apply nail polish with but it’s actually not bad at all. The bottles remind me a bit of the Nfu Oh ones, but they are definitely different.

She currently has about seventeen shades, a gel top coat and various nail stickers. This is my first experience with Anna Sui anything I believe! I don’t know why I never tried anything out before, I guess maybe because it’s not super accessible in person.

So what did I think about these?

Anna Sui Nail Color-2
905, 803, 100

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

Fourth of July Manicure with Pure Ice Stars & Stripes and Zoya Song

Fourth of July Mani 2013

I’ve been getting in the mood for the Fourth of July and decided to play around with the Pure Ice Stars & Stripes collection with the metallic blue Zoya Song thrown in for good measure.

I knew for sure I wanted to use Pure Ice Superstar! (white creme) and Siren (red creme) and definitely Freedom, which is a red/blue and star glitter bomb. But I also wanted the perfect blue and one with a non-creme finish. Zoya Song fit the bill!

Fourth of July Mani 2013 Bottles

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Note: Cruelty free

ncLA Sweet Revenge Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

ncLA Sweet Revenge

ncLA Sweet Revenge is a new three-piece summer 2013 collection.

If you aren’t yet familiar with ncLA they are a 5-free brand based in Los Angeles, CA. And yes that includes cruelty free as well.

Sweet Revenge was inspired by a day at the carnival. You know, when you eat light and fluffy cotton candy, ice cream with sprinkles and all sorts of tasty, sugary treats!

ncLA Not So Sweet Bottle
Not So Sweet

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Note: Cruelty free

MAC All About Orange Collection for Summer 2013 Swatches & Review

MAC All About Orange

MAC All About Orange is a new limited edition collection for summer 2013.

Isn’t orange just perfection lately? I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with all things coral, orange and peach lately. It has basically replaced pink as my go-to shade for nails, lips and cheeks for the last couple months. If you would have asked me if I loved orange 5 years ago I would have said absolutely not, it’s one of my least favorite shades. Now I heart it!

All About Orange is a small collection featuring seven Lipsticks (Razzledazzler, Sweet & Sour, Tangerine Dream, Flamingo, Sushi Kiss, Tart & Trendy and Neon Orange), three Cremesheen Glasses (Double Happiness, Imperial Light and Rising Sun), an Eye Shadow x 4 (Rainy Season), three Powder Blushes (Honey Jasmine, Royal Sunset and Immortal Flower) and five Nail Lacquers (Ke Ai, Sweet Pop, Colour Punch, Fiestaware and Moragne).

MAC Colour Punch Nail Lacquer
Colour Punch ($16)

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Note: Not cruelty free