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Anna Sui Nail Color Swatches and Review

Anna Sui Nail Color

These Anna Sui Nail Color shades just might be contained in the cutest bottles ever! Actually that isn’t true but I can’t tell you why yet. 😉 But guess what else? These are rose scented!

These cute little polished ladies come in small 0.27 oz bottles with a black lacquered dress sitting atop their glass ruffled skirts. The whole black top unscrews off and attached is the wand. You might think this would be rather awkward to hold and apply nail polish with but it’s actually not bad at all. The bottles remind me a bit of the Nfu Oh ones, but they are definitely different.

She currently has about seventeen shades, a gel top coat and various nail stickers. This is my first experience with Anna Sui anything I believe! I don’t know why I never tried anything out before, I guess maybe because it’s not super accessible in person.

So what did I think about these?

Anna Sui Nail Color-2
905, 803, 100

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free

Orly Melodious Utopia

Orly Melodious Utopia

Orly Melodious Utopia came out with their spring Hope and Freedom Fest Collection.

It was a shade I initially passed on when I ordered the others online. Why? I have no idea but I recently bought it at Ulta and even though it was a real PITA to work with I still love it.

Orly Melodious Utopia Bottle

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Note: Cruelty free

KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

KB Shimmer Summer 2013

Hello there people of the world. How are you on this fine day?

Perhaps you have heard of KB Shimmer Nail Polish? I had been hearing about it and seeing amazing swatches of the shades for awhile when I decided I needed to jump on this bandwagon. So today I’ve got six of the nine shades from the KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection.

Here is something I love right off the bat from the brand. They came with some instructions on how to apply some of the more “difficult” shades. I really appreciate this because sometimes you just can’t get a shade to look nice because oh say it has a satin finish and is supposed to dry matte but you don’t know that. It’s not always totally obvious how every nail polish finish should be just from applying it.

KB Shimmer Summer 2013-2
24 Carrot Bold, Don’t Pink Twice, Pimp My Pride

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Note: Cruelty free

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection for Fall 2013

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock

Tomorrow might be the first day of summer officially, but today is my first fall 2013 post!

The Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection was previewed at the Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week and was inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tales inspired fashion of designer Lela Rose.

These aren’t just regular cremes or shimmer, they are textured and matte, which as you know, is super on-trend right now. I for one was really excited to try these out and I am really pleased with them. In fact, I think they are all totally awesome because I love textured polish still and I adore these unique shades.

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock-2
Pretty Vacant, I Fought The Law, I Wanna Be Sedated

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Note: Cruelty free

Impala Nail Color Swatches and Review

Impala Nail Color

Impala Nail Color is a Brazilian brand that recently launched in the US! Yay for news brands for us!

Their polishes are 3-free and many of them are also hypoallergenic. They have a pretty wide variety of shades and finishes as well.

There are two things to note with this polish. One is that yes, the bottles are shaped a little different from most in the US. I don’t love the shape but it didn’t have any negative effect in the application. I actually found the pointed tip easy to hold and manage. The one issue I had was the wand tends to get super flooded, so I had to wipe it and the brush off quite a lot before I applied the polish.

Impala Nail Color-2

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Note: Undetermined if cruelty free