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Pixi Nail Colour for Summer 2013

Pixi Nail Colour for Summer 2013

Pixi Nail Colour for Summer 2013 features three new shades, one of which I already featured in my Beauty Shorts section.

Fluoro Flamingo is a neon pink, Wakeup Wisteria is a lavender creme and Summer Sunset is a bold coral shimmer.

Pixi Nail Colour for Summer 2013-2

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Misa Fresh and Fruity Collection for Summer 2013 Swatches & Review

Misa Fresh and Fruity

The Misa Fresh and Fruity collection for summer 2013 is coming soon and I’ve got them for ya!

This collection features six new bright and neon shades. They are all cremes with the exception of one, which contains a nice shimmer. The formula for most is really thick, however they are easy to work with because they are nicely self-leveling. Depending on the shade I did either two or three coats because a couple were a wee bit patchy at first.

Misa Fresh and Fruity-2

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BB Couture Pastel Bunnies for Spring 2013 Swatches & Review

BB Couture Pastel Bunnies

BB Couture Pastel Bunnies for spring 2013 is a new collection that features six new pastel creme lacquers.

Actually they are pastel cremes, but some of them have very subtle hidden shimmer. These aren’t the chalky kind of pastel, they’re more milky and sheer. They are buildable though, and most are three coats for complete coverage. A couple are a bit patchy so working slowly and letting each coat dry is key to avoid some of the dreaded patchiness.

BB Couture Pastel Bunnies-2

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Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2013 Swatches and Review

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2013

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2013 is a new limited edition collection for…SUMMER! Yes summer items are starting to roll in, yahoo!

You know what that means? Long days, short nights, warm weather, BBQ’s, lemonade and short sleeves. Can you tell summer is my favorite time of year? 😉

So if you love oranges, teals, warm bronze-y shades and pops of bright orange, this collection might sing your name.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2013-2

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MAC Archie’s Girls Betty Collection Swatches & Review

s Girls Betty Collection


Before we begin with this review I want to quickly discuss the results of the MAC poll I did the other day. It was nearly split down the middle, leaning slightly towards yes, you do want to see MAC swatches still. I do know that a lot of people like my swatches because my skin tone is closer to theirs compared to some other bloggers. Makes complete sense. But I also hear ya loud & clear about the press release posts. They are time consuming, and since about 95% of you don’t like them, I won’t waste my time with them anymore unless it’s seriously amazing looking. So I’ll be showing things I think are worth posting but maybe less photos than usual. As far as timing it can be tricky. MAC always sends me the nail polish for review with the other items, which means it has to ship ground, which means my swatches tend to come out a bit later than some others. But I try to get them up as fast as possible! Having said all that here we go!

MAC Archie’s Girls is the latest from the brand and it features a bevy of products on both sides: Betty & Veronica. Today I’ve got the Betty items for you, which are the lighter more pastel-like colors.

s Girls Betty Eye Shadow Quad
Eye Shadow x 4 Caramel Sundae

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