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Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for Summer 2013

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection

What up party people? Hope your Friday is going swimmingly thus far. I’m so glad it’s Friday aren’t you? It’s been a long hellishly hot week in the Bay Area this week. And by hot I don’t mean 78 degrees. Most people think San Francisco/Bay Area peeps are weather wimps (and we kinda are when it comes to cold weather) but I mean 95-100 at my house. Blech! I love me some hot weather but let’s try keeping it around 80-85 ok?

Speaking of hotness the new Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection for summer 2013 features five new hot creme shades. It’s been a really long time since I reviewed Barielle. Maybe even three years?! They kind of fell off my radar but I think they are making somewhat of a comeback now.

The formula of these five was really, really good. Their cremes are really thick, but not in a bad way. They cover like a dream and you only need one to two coats. Fabulous!

Barielle Brilliant Colors Collection-2

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Fourth of July Manicure with Pure Ice Stars & Stripes and Zoya Song

Fourth of July Mani 2013

I’ve been getting in the mood for the Fourth of July and decided to play around with the Pure Ice Stars & Stripes collection with the metallic blue Zoya Song thrown in for good measure.

I knew for sure I wanted to use Pure Ice Superstar! (white creme) and Siren (red creme) and definitely Freedom, which is a red/blue and star glitter bomb. But I also wanted the perfect blue and one with a non-creme finish. Zoya Song fit the bill!

Fourth of July Mani 2013 Bottles

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KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

KB Shimmer Summer 2013

Hello there people of the world. How are you on this fine day?

Perhaps you have heard of KB Shimmer Nail Polish? I had been hearing about it and seeing amazing swatches of the shades for awhile when I decided I needed to jump on this bandwagon. So today I’ve got six of the nine shades from the KB Shimmer Summer 2013 Collection.

Here is something I love right off the bat from the brand. They came with some instructions on how to apply some of the more “difficult” shades. I really appreciate this because sometimes you just can’t get a shade to look nice because oh say it has a satin finish and is supposed to dry matte but you don’t know that. It’s not always totally obvious how every nail polish finish should be just from applying it.

KB Shimmer Summer 2013-2
24 Carrot Bold, Don’t Pink Twice, Pimp My Pride

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Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection for Fall 2013

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock

Tomorrow might be the first day of summer officially, but today is my first fall 2013 post!

The Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock Collection was previewed at the Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week and was inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tales inspired fashion of designer Lela Rose.

These aren’t just regular cremes or shimmer, they are textured and matte, which as you know, is super on-trend right now. I for one was really excited to try these out and I am really pleased with them. In fact, I think they are all totally awesome because I love textured polish still and I adore these unique shades.

Deborah Lippmann Punk Rock-2
Pretty Vacant, I Fought The Law, I Wanna Be Sedated

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ncLA Sweet Revenge Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

ncLA Sweet Revenge

ncLA Sweet Revenge is a new three-piece summer 2013 collection.

If you aren’t yet familiar with ncLA they are a 5-free brand based in Los Angeles, CA. And yes that includes cruelty free as well.

Sweet Revenge was inspired by a day at the carnival. You know, when you eat light and fluffy cotton candy, ice cream with sprinkles and all sorts of tasty, sugary treats!

ncLA Not So Sweet Bottle
Not So Sweet

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