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Maalouf Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Maalouf Nail Polish

Maalouf Nail Polish is a fairly new creation by the four Maalouf brothers. Perhaps you have heard of them?

Joey Maalouf is the hair dresser for Rachel Zoe and is frequently on her show. They are all either hair or makeup artists. They have a full-service salon in Birmingham, Michigan and they sell this new nail collection online.

The nail polish line consists of fourteen shades in various finishes. The bottles aren’t full-sized, I think they are 0.3 oz, but the pricing is pretty nice for the size. The formula was really good for all three that I tested out. Two creamy coats get you all the coverage you need.

Maalouf Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box

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Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Swatches and Review

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops is a new collection including six textured shades.

This limited edition collection features a shimmery sugar-like texture, glittery bits, and a matte finish. Some have more obvious glitter in them, making them stand out. Some have more of that fine sugar or sand like appearance.

The formula was pretty good for all of these. All of these covered nicely with just two coats. They dry quicker than a normal polish and do feel a bit gritty to the touch, as textured polishes will. If you want to keep the matte effect, no top coat!

Nicole by OPI Gumdrops-2

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NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish Collection Swatches and Review

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish

The NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish collection is new and was inspired by his summer 2013 shoe collection. Yep, he’s a shoe designer! I had no idea who he was until I saw the press release. Oops.

What is super cute about this collection is that the nail polishes come in a mini “shoe box” and as a pair. Inside are two complementary shades and also a dust bag (which his shoes also come with). Cute idea!

There are six pairs in all to choose from.

NARS Pierre Hardy Nail Polish-2

This is how they look inside with the dust bag snug in the middle.

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Nails Inc. Leather Effect Nail Polish in Noho

Nails Inc Leather Effect in Noho

Nails Inc. Leather Effect Nail Polish in Noho is new(ish) and super, super cool if you like textured polish.

This shade is limited edition and comes in a set called Bling It On Rebel, which includes the full-sized polish as well as silver skull embellishments and studs and crystals (with glue and orange stick to apply everything).

Nothing interested me in the kit except the polish itself, so here she is on her glorious own.

Nails Inc Leather Effect Noho

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OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Nail Lacquer Collection Swatches and Review

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Nail Lacquer

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies is a new spring 2013 collection that features six new nail lacquer shades (and some Lip Tars, coming in another review). From metallic, to creme to shimmery they’ve got it covered and REALLY nicely I must say!

I was super impressed with nearly every single one here. Not only are the shades really awesome, but the coverage is fantastic. Nearly all of them could be one coaters! But I used two on most of them anyway.

And I have to say, I love how these bottles are thin and all line up so nicely. They take up much less space than other shapes.

OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Nail Lacquer-2

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