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NP Set Lipstick Brights for Fall 2013 at Target!

NP Set Lipstick Brights

The NP Set Lipstick Brights collection might seem very much like a summer collection, but it’s actually new at Target for fall 2013.

When I think of brights I do tend to think of long sultry summer days rather than short cool ones. Having said that, nothing beats a bright pop of a lip shade on a cool fall day. And when you think about it, the red and orange are actually perfect for fall because we see so much red and orange in nature that time of year.

Picture this: You’re wearing luxurious knee-high chocolate brown boots, skinny jeans, an oversized cream-colored sweater and bright orange lips while crunching through the leaves at the local fall pumpkin festival, sipping a pumpkin spice latte. :)

NP Set Lipstick Brights-2
Marseilles, Noosa, Florence, Gold Coast

I love that the caps match exactly what the color inside looks like. SO helpful!

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Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool

Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool

The Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool is one of two new ones for fall 2013. The other is called Warm Wonder and includes warmer shades, as opposed to these cool beauties.

The kit includes eight eyeshadow shades as well as a Cheek Powder in the middle (and two useless sponge applicators). I adore these little kits because while they might seem ordinary, the colors pack a powerful punch!

Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool-2

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Manicure Essentials at Target Featuring Pixi Nail Colour Fall Collection

Target Manicure Essentials

You might not normally think of Target as a great place to stock up on all your manicure essentials, but they actually have a pretty good variety of products for your nails and hands. And they just keep getting better with time it seems!

From rich body cremes and lotions, to inexpensive nail polish removers, to really gorgeous jewel-toned nail shades, you can find it all and for a relatively small amount of money.

Apotheke Enriched Body Creme

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