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SpaRitual Water Collection for Spring 2012 Swatches & Review

New for spring 2012 is SpaRitual’s Water collection.

This collection is a little special because SpaRitual is supporting an organization called Surge, which is a non-profit company that improves access to clean, safe water for communities around the world. 20% of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to Surge.

“The Water Collection represents the importance it has for our physical wellbeing (up to 70% of the human body is composed of water) and our emotional health (it’s a proven fact that water provides soothing benefits). Sadly, communities around the world lack access to clean drinking water,” says SpaRitual founder, Shel Pink. “We’re pleased to be involved with Surge, and to support the foundation’s efforts to help provide clean, safe drinking water worldwide.”

Aside from the fact that this is a really great cause, the collection has some amazing colors!

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Vampy Varnish 3rd Birthday Giveaway Extravaganza – Day 3!

Three years ago today I pressed “Publish” and had no clue what I was getting myself into. :D

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SpaRitual Wilde Collection for Fall 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

The SpaRitual Wilde nail collection for fall 2011 was inspired by the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. Yep you heard it right, this collection is all about wild women and nature. I can get down with that and I am definitely down with these colors!

The colors in this collection are deep, shimmery and jewel-toned. They glow. They are SO autumn-y and full of depth.

SpaRitual’s formula is usually really great and these keep in that tradition. Despite the fact that there are some frosty metallics here, there wasn’t much streaking. Only one color required more than two coats.


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SpaRitual Evolve Collection for Summer 2011 Swatches, Photos & Review

SpaRitual has a new collection out for summer 2011 called Evolve.

It includes six new serene, mellow creme nail colors, and I’ve got a few to show you today.

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SpaRitual In Pink Collection for Breast Cancer Awareness Swatches & Review

Can you believe October is next month already? Time is pasing by so quickly lately, it’s spooky!

We all know by now that October is national breast cancer awareness month, and SpaRitual has partnered with the Living in Pink organization, which was founded by Michele Conley, a two time breast cancer survivor. This organization helps to fund research and bring awareness about breast cancer in the hopes of one day finding the cure.

SpaRitual is a very responsible company to humans, animals and the earth. They are big-three free, Vegan and use recycled glass for their bottles. I wish ALL cosmetics companies would get a clue and follow suit!

Obviously this collection is of pink colors, but they aren’t boring cremes, they have fabulous finishes! Each bottle comes with a tiny metal pink ribbon charm attached, which is representative of the cause.

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