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Sinful Colors Adventure Island Swatches, Photos & Review

Sinful Colors is a brand I am not all that familiar with. I don’t feel I have a ton of their polish, but when I saw some of the colors in their Adventure Island collection, I couldn’t pass them up!

Now I have heard some of these are similar to the OPI Pirates collection. But since I don’t have that one, there won’t be any comparisons here, sorry!

If they are in fact similar, I am grateful because I REALLY like these. :)

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Sinful Colors Nail Polish Swatches and Purple Glitter Comparisons


Today I have a weird hodge podge kind of post.

I have some Sinful Colors that I wanted to show but I also wanted to show a comparison of some glitters that have all come out recently and are very similar.

Uhhh nothing much else to say other than check the reviews and pics below! :)

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Sinful Colors Halloween 2009 Collection Swatches and Review

Happy Friday!

One day until Halloween! I am excited about our “haunted garage” we’re doing this year. I haven’t yet done a trial run of my makeup though, so I’m kinda nervous it’s going to turn out like crap. Oh well, at least it will be dark 😉

Today I’ve got the Sinful Colors Halloween collection for 2009. Well I have all except the basic black one, because we all know what black looks like by now.

I have only reviewed two Sinful Colors polishes in the past because I had a horrible experience once. About a year ago I tried out the San Francisco color, and used CND’s Stickey base coat and then either Seche Vite or Poshe top coat. The polish turned sticky, weird, and never, ever dried! I mean not at all. It was so bizarre! That combo did not work, so I never really tried any of their stuff since then. But I saw these, and had to get ’em. Peep ’em out!

Sinful Let Me Go
Let Me Go

Let Me Go is a very pale blue/pink/lavender/green opalescent pearl polish. I thought this was going to be super, duper cool when I saw it in the bottle, but it’ so sheer it’s just kinda meh for me. This was three coats.

Sinful Courtney Orange

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