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Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color Swatches & Review

First things first: I am trying to not purchase or write about companies that test on animals anymore. This is something I have mentioned on Twitter a few times, but many of you might not be aware of it. Sally Hansen is one of those companies that is widely believed to test on animals. However these were bought and swatched before I made this decision so I thought I would show them anyway. I am planning a whole article about this subject soon, so stay tuned!

Waaaaaay back in spring (doesn’t that seem so far away now?) Sally Hansen came out with a new line from their HD Hi-Definition collection. I saw them in stores and decided to pick up a few.

The formula was nice, but too thin in my opinion. I wound up being disappointed that some of them weren’t more opaque. I used three coats for all but one, and some could have even used four (or more!)

I was also a little sad that these looked so amazing and duo-chrome-y in the bottles, but they didn’t translate as nicely onto the nail.


Byte is a bright fuchsia pink with purple/blue shimmer. Gorgeous pink, I really like this one. This was one of the slightly more opaque ones, but I still needed three coats to get even coverage.

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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Trendy Creme

What’s shakin?

Today I’ve got an oldie but a goodie for you. This was most graciously gifted to me by Sarah & Jason over at Crystal Polish. They saw this in a dollar tree and said they thought of me because they know how much I love these olive green colors. How sweet are they!?!

Now I don’t know exactly when this color came out but I’m guessing early 2000′s or late 90′s.

Trendy Creme

Isn’t she gorgeous? I love the smooth, creamy, olive-y goodness. It’s also got hints of khaki thrown in there. Even though the polish itself was old, it applied really nicely, like it was brand new. This was two coats. Love!

Thanks again Sarah & Jason for thinking of me, I am very happy to add this to my green collection!


Sally Hansen Salon Nail Polish Summer 2010 Swatches & Review

Hump day!

After today we are more than halfway through the week, yay! Actually I am off work the rest of this week because of A. Carpet installation Thursday (aka Hell Day) and B. My bday Friday (aka Fun Day). :)

Aaaaaannnnnyyywaaaayyyy, I have some colors I think 99.9% of earth has already seen at this point, but hey, I have ‘em, why not show ‘em?

These are some new (ish) Sally Hansen’s from the Salon Manicure line. I believe these are classified as a summer collection. Either way I’M classifying them that way because they came out in time for summer.

Without further adieu, here goes.

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Summer 2010 Swatches & Review


As you probably already know, Sally Hansen has a new-ish line out of polishes called Complete Salon Manicure. Well there are some new colors for summer 2010 and I’ve got a few to show you.

Sadly, most of these are pretty sheer. The dreaded sheer. I don’t think I know a single person who actually likes sheer colors, so I can’t figure out who they are marketing these to unless they just want you to buy it because it looks good in the bottle, or they expect you will layer it. Either way I was a little disappointed with the lack of opacity, but I still liked all the colors.

The formula was pretty good on these (despite the 3 coats minimum), but I’m not fond of the wide, tapered brush much.

I want to apologize in advance of these pics, they are not my best. I was rushing, it was late afternoon, and they are washed out. All the pics sucked, but I figured I could still show the best ones I took.

Check them out below.

Ring My Shell

Ring My Shell is a very pale pink/lavender with silver shimmer and a flash of yellow/gold. I like that this isn’t a plain ‘ole pale pink shimmer, it is unique. This was three coats.

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Sally Hansen Project Runway Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review

Yay for Friday!

I am very lucky with these swaps lately I tell ya. Today I have another swap I did with a Canadian blogger named Alisa from Polish Fiend. This was for the much coveted and drooled over Sally Hansen Project Runway, which was only released in Canada awhile back. In reality I wanted the whole collection, but really this was the one color that I felt I *needed* and it doesn’t disappoint! She happened to have a bottle she had only used once and was kind enough to swap it to me. Thank so much again!

Peep her out in all her glory!

Project Runway

Project Runway is a deep sea-green packed with gold and green shimmer. It’s yet another color I would describe as almost mermaid-esque. The formula was great, but a wee bit thin so I did use three coats for maximum opacity. I wore this color as soon as I got it a few weeks ago, and couldn’t stop staring at my hands, especially when I was in the sun. It’s just gorgeous and jewel-like!

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