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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel Swatches and Review

Here we are yet again, how are you this fine morning?

I was recently at Walgreens and noticed a new line of Rimmel’s called Lasting Finish Pro. I assume these are all new colors since I have never seen this line (or bottle shape) before. I picked up the four that looked the coolest, but I believe there were 2-4 others as well.

The formula on these was REALLY great! I was very surprised and pleased. I really like the square bottle shape also they remind me of Sally Hansen’s Tracy Reese line, very sophisticated. All of these were just two coats with one exception. Read on!

Steel Grey

Steel Grey is a medium mushroom taupe creme. I really don’t know why they named it Steel Grey, because it’s definitely not a traditional “grey”. Either way this is yet another great mushroom in my collection. Here are some comparisons, in case you are wondering. It’s much lighter and has more of a pink tone than Chanel Particuliere. It has less grey and more pink in it than Barielle Putt-E-On Me. It’s much darker and more brown than Orly Country Club Khaki. It’s a totally different taupe than OPI You Don’t Know Jacques. This one was the only one that was three coats since it was a little more sheer than the others.

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Rimmel Nail Polish

Happy Friday! Today I’ve got a couple oldies but goodies for you from Rimmel. These come from their fall 2008 collection. Both are dark and vampy and perfect for fall which is coming up WAY too fast! Seriously it was such a cold foggy July and 1st half of August I feel like we are just beginning summer here in the Bay Area!

Hard Edged

Hard Edged is SOOO pretty, I am in love with it. It’s a dark red/brown shimmer that has the ‘lit from within’, glowy thing going on, which ya’ll know is one of my fav things! It reminds me a lot of the Duri colors that are a similar finish. The formula was great, really creamy and even and opaque in just two coats.

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Spring 2009

TGIF! I have to admit, I tend to think of drug store nail polish as being “less than” other polishes. I do not know why, it’s just ingrained in my head for some reason. I think part of the blame can be placed on the bottle shape. Generally I don’t think the bottle shapes  look “sophisticated”  and they mostly lean towards looking like the 80’s to me, but I AM starting to open my eyes, look past the bottles and am finding some awesome polishes. In this case Rimmel’s new 60 Seconds colors for spring. Pics taken in sun and shade with no top coat. FYI the top pics are my old watermarked format and the other two are the newer one.

Camouflage (Sun)

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