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Pacifica Vegan Nail Color in Heart of Gold

Pacifica Heart Of Gold Nail Color

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and are revved up for the week ahead.

Pacifica Vegan Nail Color in Heart of Gold is one of those utterly beautiful gold shades I always fall so hard for.

As you may know by now, Pacifica Nail Colors are 7-free, which includes being vegan and cruelty-free. They have quite a nice variety of colors and finishes now, and the quality of the ones I have tried so far as been really good. Oh and did I mention they are only $9.00? That’s pretty good, I think. Also, it’s a small thing, but I love the gold metallic design on the caps. It just makes them more distinctive in my ever-growing collection.

Pacifica Heart Of Gold

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Note: Cruelty free

Pacifica Holiday Reds for 2014

Pacifica Holiday Reds

The Pacifica Holiday Reds for 2014 collection features three shades perfect for the holiday season.

As I mentioned in my previous Pacifica Nail Color post, their colors are 7 free! SEVEN FREE! They are vegan, cruelty-free and free from phthalates, toulene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens and camphor. You coud practically drink them! Ok really, that was a joke DO NOT drink them.

But back to the nail colors at hand. Two are red, one is pink and all of them have a creme formula. They have a really nice self-leveling, smooth formula and are super shiny.

Pacifica Holiday Reds

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Note: Cruelty free

Pacifica 7 Free Vegan Nail Color Swatches and Review

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Color

I am so excited to bring you some of the brand new Pacifica 7 Free Vegan Nail Color shades!

When I heard Pacifica was coming out with nail shades I was super excited to see what they came up with. The two I have had the pleasure of playing with are great, and there are about 24 other shades that look amazing as well.

So as mentioned these are 7 free. What the heck does that even mean? It means they are free of phthalates, toulene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, xylene, parabens, camphor and they’re cruelty-free. They are also vegan.

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Color Psychedelic Jungle, Abalone

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Note: Cruelty free

Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set Swatches and Review

Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set

The Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set is new this season and available at Target stores. It includes a mini Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream, Color Drench Lip Tint in Sugared Fig and Coconut Infused Mineral Eye Shadows in Mermaid Aqua and Treasure.

I believe Pacifica is fairly new on the makeup scene, but I have been loving their lotions for awhile! Everything in this is cruelty-free and vegan. Also made without parabens, petroleum or phthalates.

Pacifica Wanderlust Beauty Set-2

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Note: Cruelty free

Pacifica Body Butter in Indian Coconut Nectar and Tahitian Gardenia

Pacifica Body Butter

What was I thinking? Me, a self-confessed lotion addict, skipped over these Pacifica Body Butters for years upon years and I have no clue why.

But now that I have tried them, I think I might be hooked!

Pacifica is a company dedicated to the environment, which gives them bonus points. All their skin care products are cruelty-free and 100% Vegan. Their fragrances use high quality ingredients found from all over the world and they don’t support the use of natural ingredients that are either threatened or where the harvesting of it endangers anything in the environment. The candles are all made in the USA and contain lead-free wicks.

But back to the body butter :)

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