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Orly In The Mix Fall 2015

Orly In The Mix

Orly In The Mix for fall 2015 features six news shades which mostly look like spring or summer colors, but that doesn’t bother me!

This is a street inspired collection that features intense, bright colors. You will find five creme finishes and one super cool glitter.

Orly Freestyle

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Orly EPIX Cameo Review

Orly Epix Cameo

The Orly EPIX line came out for spring 2015 but I just recently tested one of the shades called Cameo out, and I’ve got all the info for you today!

Orly EPIX is a 2 step manicure system (not gel) that is supposed to last about a week and dries in just 8 minutes. The system contains a Flexible Color and then their Flexible Sealcoat. It’s has what they call a “Flexible” chip-resistant formula that allows the formula to remain elastic to flex with your nails instead of becoming brittle and chipping or flaking off. It also has their Smudge-Fixing Technology, which is a shock absorbing system which contains polymers that helps the manicure bounce back from nicks and dents. It has a nice “Gripper Cap” that makes opening the bottles easier (I’ve always love this kind of cap) and these come in around 36 shades currently.

Orly Epix Cameo-2

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Orly Sugar High for Spring 2015

Orly Sugar High Collection

Whoa I am sooooo far behind on my nail polish swatching, so sorry! But at least technically it is still spring. Today I’ve got Orly Sugar High for ya!

This collection features six new shades all named after sweet, sugary things. Three of these are cremes but there are also a couple shimmers and a neon thrown in for good measure.

Orly Cake Pop

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Orly Color AMP’D Nail Lacquer

Orly Color Ampd

Orly Color AMP’D is a new line of 36 shades sold exclusively at Target stores this spring.

These have a new Flexible Color and Flexible Sealcoat which is supposed to give you salon results without a UV light involved and no special remover. The “smudge-fixing” formula is self-leveling, and it supposedly self-corrects minor dings and dents. The formula “contains shock absorbing polymers allowing the finish of your manicure to bounce back, remain elastic and flex with the nail, reducing chipping. This advanced system wears for up to a week, about 88% longer than traditional manicures. The color and sealcoat fuse together to create a durable, scratch resistant, high-shine finish that dries in less than 8 minutes. That’s 60% faster than traditional nail polish. To make application even easier, we’ve designed a higher bristle count brush that’s specifically shaped to fit the cuticle.”

All swatches are two coats and shown with the Flexible Sealcoat on top.

Orly Color Amp'd Paparazzi

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Orly Smoky Collection for Fall 2014

Orly Smoky Collection

The Orly Smoky Collection for fall 2014 has arrived, are you ready to see the beauty?

This collection features six new shades. Most have a super shimmery, sparkly finish but there are a couple great cremes as well. Here is what they say about the inspiration for the collection “Travel to the dark side of beauty this fall with Smoky, the fall 2014 collection from ORLY. Beauty emerges from the shadowy corners of the imagination, seducing with an enigmatic palette that comes alive as eyes adjust to the light. Dusty tones are blended with matte shimmers creating an alluring and intriguing mix of hues inspired by shades worn on the smokiest of eyes.”

For the most part the formula was really great with all six of these colors. Most were just two coats to cover completely and I didn’t have any problems with any of them.

Orly Smoky Collection

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