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Orly Blush for Spring 2014

Orly Blush

Welcome to the wonderful world of Orly Blush for spring 2014.

This collection features six new soft, delicate shades including cremes, shimmers and a pearl. It’s kind of a nice change of pace from the usual bright shades or pastels we have seen a lot of for spring. The shimmery shades here are particularly gorgeous.

As far as formula things were pretty darn good. I only used two coats for most of the shades, and no other issues came up while applying them.

Orly Blush

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Weekly Macro Vol. 92

Orly Black Hole Macro

Orly Black Hole.

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Weekly Macro Vol. 91

Orly Milky Way Macro

Orly Milky Way.

Weekly Macro Vol. 90

Orly Starburst Macro

Orly Starburst.

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Orly Galaxy FX for Spring 2014

Orly Galaxy FX

The Orly Galaxy FX for spring 2014 collection is coming out soon and features six new glittery shades.

Drawing inspiration from constellations, lacquers are uniquely formulated with a Black Space Base or Milky White Base, and dusted with an array of glitters, creating a multi-dimensional, celestial finish.

The shades include:

  • Gravity Bound – Black Jelly Base with White, Purple and Blue Glitter
  • Milky Way – White Jelly Base with Silver Holo and Bronze Glitter
  • Star Trooper – Black Jelly Base with Gold, White and Silver Glitter
  • Intergalactic Space – Black Jelly Base with Purple, Silver, Blue and Bronze Glitter
  • Starburst – White Jelly Base with Bronze, Red and Orange Glitter
  • Black Hole – Black Jelly Base with Red, Blue and White Glitter

I was a little apprehensive when I saw these in person because they were so glittery I assumed they would be a lumpy mess. But actually most of these applied rather easily and evenly and look really cool. I did two or three coats depending on the shade to completely cover and I waited a good 2-5 minutes in-between each coat to make sure the glitter stayed in place. A few of the ones with larger round glitter pieces gave me some grief. More info below.

Orly Galaxy FX-3

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